4 x 2 IPA - Beer Recipe - How to Brew

Just like being hit over the head by a bit of 4 x 2 timber this 4 x 2 IPA is fully intended to give the taste buds as assault of 4 x hops and 2 x malt that will leave a lingering tang to remember for sometime.
Brewed on 4th Jan 2012 (spot the 4 x 2s?) its a great way to start a new year with 4 hops including Cluster, Cascade, Galaxy and Amarillo all finding their way into the boil onto 2 x malt bases (Cooper's Draught and IPA).
Fermentis Safale S-04 dry yeast was up and running very fast with an SG of 1030.  Sitting tight now and almost ready to rack off for some secondary settling and more dry hopping.  This home brewer is very excited about the new stock in the brewery especially after a festive season assault on the stock in the shed!  Hoppy New Year :-)
Racked off on 15th Jan into a secondary fermenter and gave the girl another dose of high alpha acid Amarillo hops into the secondary fermenter for 10 more days dry hopping.  Bottled the brew on Australia Day (how appropriate) and the deep amber colour was so enticing and experienced a very strong resin hoppy hit but was delighted to sense a well balanced malt background. Will leave it to rest through Feb Fast (what was I thinking doing Feb Fast?) and looking forward to tapping the delights of the 4 x 2 IPA in March.  Best After 19th April 2012 - c'mon Anzac!
Tasted some superb beers today at the AIBA 2012 so thought I better finish with one of my own for comparison.  Still some work to do as malt was not big enough but hops were good!
For a bit of a laugh and to get a read on how my home brewing was going this beer was entered in the 2012 Good Beer Week - Stone & Wood - Mash Collective - Home brewer competition held at the Courthouse Hotel in North Melbourne in May 2012.  Judged by the public who enjoyed a host of great food and beer pairings from the Court House Hotel and Stone & Wood the 4 x IPA came runner up to a wonderful Belgian Tripel that went on to become MASH COLLECTIVE AUREUS CHRYSALIS this time their select band of brewers included leading tattoo artist Trevor Bennett, home brewer Richard Grant who won a competition at 2012 Good Beer Week (congratulations Richard) to become part of the team, chef and TV presenter Ben O'Donohue, furniture maker Greg Hatton and musician Ash Grunwald.
Maybe the old 4 x 2 IPA will return under another guise sometime soon!


  • Legendary stuff, Old Master! I just put down my first two brews since about August 2010!! Mine are only the kit and brew enhancer with Muntons Premium Gold yeast, though. I love the Munich Lagers the best.

    The brew I am drinking at the moment is actually a Dutch Lager that is about 20 months in the bottle – it is delicious!!

    Jim Dawson
  • Another tasting and the hop nose is good. Entering this puppy in the Mash Collective ‘the pitch’ as part of Good Beer Week on Tue 15th May. Hope the public and judges enjoy it!


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