BoHo Lager

BoHo Lager

Dermott DowlingOct 11, '111 comment
Something tells me this one is going to be a "bloody beauty" as the Aussies would say.  Based on a mash up between a traditional Czech Pilsen and a Bavarian Wheat Lager, this brew is as twisted as its creator.  Why not also try some high intensity high alpha acid Galaxy Hops at Boil kick off, lob in a Styrian Goldings Hop Plug late in the boil and then dry hop with that wonderful Czech beauty, the Saaz.  Based on a golden light & wheat malt mix up with a Wyeast Bohemian Lager.  Took a while to get going but the little Boho Beauty is up and bubbling through the air lock to Daddy's delight.  Dedicated to the Bohemians in BoHo Victoria, this beauty is best enjoyed in serenity locations like Bonnie Doon on the side of a now full Lake Eildon perhaps with a freshly caught trout if your a lucky man or women who been casting flies to catch 'em.  If not, don't stress.  There is always a 'bloody beaut' Boho Lager to lick your lips around.  Off to check the brew now...
Racked this baby off on 16 Oct for some settling time and bottled 11 days later on 27 Oct.  Deep golden lager with some amber hues on bottling. First tasting today (Sun 20 Nov; 3.5 weeks in the bottle) and I gotta say I'm liking this little puppy!  Still some clarification to go and a very yeasty nose but no denying the Galaxy hop in there and its a big resin hop hit early that could possibly benefit from some more stronger malt to offset the astringency but I don't mind it. Certainly grows on you by half way down the glass and I have no doubt the flavours will round out and mellow with age. Reckon it will hit its straps in 3 weeks time but could keep getting better out to Christmas if it lasts that long!
PS Tasted great with some home cooked Pizza!  Cut away that cheese no problem at all. Yum!

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Dowlmott on May 27, '18

Tasting notes from 21/12/11 – mellowing out, slight deep golden haze, hoppy alpha hit from the Galaxy but much more rounded aftertaste and good lager nose! A perfect aperitif to a yummy chorizo feta pasta plate :-)

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