International Nutta Brown Ale

Back to brewing @ home after a 17 year hiatus the climes told me it was time to get nutty and go brown! Grabbing a good old Black Rock Nut Brown Ale kit on the recommendation of friends @ Grain & Grape it just did not feel like enough!  Kit brewing is the cheats way out to home brew so why not chuck in some Willamette hops and a couple of Fuggles hop plugs with a Wyeast London Ale Yeast and oh yeah, why not chuck in some East Timor Organic Coffee Beans late in the boil for a great roasted nutty taste :-) Dry hopped in the fermenter with the Fuggles hops and brewed at 18 degrees Celsius. Brewed on: Sat 18 July 2011 Bottled on: Sat 2 July 2011 Best after: Oct 2011 It's a wonderful deep brown clear drop with a big bold hoppy head and dry hop finish.  Internationally sourced ingredients, the International Nutta Brown Ale is a winner! It's good to be back brewing after 16 years off!  16 years too long my friends.  Brew on :-)

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