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Doppelbock traces its history to a monastic brewery founded in 1634 in the Bavarian town of Munich. To sustain them during periods of religious fasting such as Lent and Advent, the Pauline monks drank a dark, sweet beer called Sankt Vater Bier or Holy Father Beer.

The doppelbock brewer’s goal is to make a deceptively drinkable beer while maintaining a luxurious mouth feel and an intriguing aromatic complexity. So brewers use a plethora of specialty grains.

Here Caleb DeFrees from Gladfield Malt gives us Mai Manuka Bock a great recipe to make a complex subtle style for consumption with Mai Mates! cheers #brewhappy

Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil

  • Batch Size: 21.0 L US 5 Gallon
  • Boil Time: 75-90 mins


  • 1.072 OG
  • 1.021 FG
  • 30 IBU
  • SRM
  • 6.6% ABV




Liquid | GigaYeast

Dry | Fermentis


  1. Mash grains at 67.5° C
  2. Boil for 75-90 minutes, adding the first hops so that they boil for 60 minutes with no further additions.
  3. Pitch with an ample starter of GY045 German Lager GigaYeast strain (Fermentis Saflager W-34/70 Yeast dry yeast option remember to hydrate the yeast before pitching)
  4. Pitch Warm at 18-20 or cool at 10-12° C and Ferment cool at 10-12° C
  5. Yeast & Fermentation – Ferment at 10° C for six to ten days slowly raising temperature to 12°. Rack into secondary when gravity reaches close to 1.025.
  6. Perform a diacetyl rest at the end of primary fermentation raising the temperature of the beer to 15-16 °C for 24 - 48 hours before cooling it down for the lagering period.
  7. Cool to 2-4°C after secondary fermentation and terminal gravity is reached around 1.021 (about three more days). Age at 2-4°C until clear (seven to 14 days). Bottle or Keg and prime or carbonate 2.5 volumes of C02. Condition in the bottle or Keg as long as desired (30 to 60 days)
  8. Invite your friends over for a well earned Mai Manuka Bock @bieroclock! Prost!

Style Guidance and further Inspirational Sources to go Bock!


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  • Love the sound of this Dermott. Looks like a good excuse to replenish my Toffee stock and try out that smoked malt. I haven’t made a Bock for years, but right now having a break from the IPA’s and looking at spending more time in the German Beers.

    Lee Hancox
  • Hey @leehancox:disqus glad to hear someone out there is brewing and drinking past IPA – good time to get your Bock out and put some down over the cooler climes of winter. Come spring time when the flowers are popping so will you be Doppelbock in hand grinning ear to ear with a dangerously drinkable drop – always responsibly in good company – cheers #brewhappy PS any excuse to get more Toffee malt in there and smoke em if you got em eh!

    Dermott Dowling

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