Smokin Joe All Black IPA

Smokin Joe All Black IPA

Dermott DowlingOct 30, '152 comments
Been a long time between Rugby World Cups - 4 more years to be exact and been a long time between collaborative brews for the Ringwood-WeFo Kiwi Cuz Brewers so with the Mrs & Kids back in Aotearoa for a holiday it was time to get all the gear out of the garage (Picobrew Zymatic and 2V system) and do a double brew day with me old mate Ryno from the Ringwood Brewers.  Chariots of Fire English IPA coming this blog on the Picobrew Zymatic and something big and bold and malty and hoppy on the old 2V system.  Last collab with Ryno was an Oskar Blues Inspiration Pale Ale clone back in April 2013.  So 2 years on we dug out the bags of Gladfield Malt and Crosby Hops and dreamed up a recipe on the fly affectionately titled "Smokin Joe Black IPA" after the legendary All Blacks centre from the 1980s who seemed to always know the winger was outside him without looking when he threw the pass and always found the gaps in every opposition defence to slice through the backline with ease. Our hope is the All Blacks do the same against the Wallabies this coming weekend in the Rugby World Cup final 2015 - may the best team win and we celebrate or commiserate with a Smokin Joe Black IPA. Smokin Joe sidestep Seems only appropriate a couple of Kiwi homebrewers who get together for a collaboration home brew every 2 years dedicate the name of this special brew to "Smokin Joe" so on with the show and recipe for an almost All Black IPA :-)

Vital Stats:

  • 1.062 OG
  • 1.011 FG
  • 59 IBU
  • 27 SRM (not quite Black enough!)
  • 6.7% ABV
  • Batch Size - 19L brew length

Gladfield Malt Bill


Amount     Hop                      Time      Form     AA


Water Treatment

  • 1/2 tsp of Calcium Sulphate
  • 1/2 tsp of Calcium Chloride

Mash Schedule

  • 60 mins at 66C
  • NB: we picked up pretty quickly we did not have enough Roasted Wheat in the mash to get a truly Black IPA so we crushed some more grains over the mash bed and batch sparged another 10-15 Litres of 75 C water over the mash bed to get some more All Black magic in the wort!


  • 60 mins


  • Pitch yeast at 18C letting it rise to 20C over first few days
  • Dry hopped with 2g/L of Crosby Idaho #6 Experimental Hops after primary fermentation and left for 72 hours
  • Crash chilled to 2C and held for a few days before bottling
Sources: Smokin JoeSmokin Joe Black IPA

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Oscarish on May 27, '18

Just wondering how evident the smoke level was on this brew, at 14% manuka smoked malt? I’ve been working on a smoked Cascadian Dark Ale recipe and ran across this recipe in my research. It seems like most folks I talk to are needing around 20% of the manuka smoked malt to get a noticeable presence. I’m really looking for the sweet smoke to be a background for dank hops and some light, supple roastiness, so don’t want the smoke too far in front, but definitely want it playing well in the mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dermott Dowling on May 27, '18

Hey @oscarish there was plenty of smoke present at 15% and the smoke intensity is there more if the malt is fresh. It’s not over powering as the Manila smoke is far less intense than say Peat Smoke or some other fruit wood smoke malts. Can only recommend you make some malt tea’s. Crush in a coffee grinder say 100g to your grist ratio then pour over at 3-1 water to grain ratio some 70C water over a course grind grist through the a coffee filter into pints a few different grist for ? test’s. You can go as nano as you like for testing. Will give good colour profiles and some taste indicators before you Brew cheers #brewhappy

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