Xtreme Jinja Ninja

Take the kitchen sink throw that in the boil and the laundry one and your starting to get close to the Xtreme Jinja Ninja.  Brewed on a base Coopers Ginger Beer kit 980g with the goodness of Lemon Juice & Pulp, 3 limes and  the rind of Lemon, Orange and Kafir Lime Leaves.  Hold on there's more...Cinamon Sticks, Fresh Mint, Pride of Ringwood Hops, Beechworth Honey, Brewing sugar to get the abv up to 4%, large green and small red chilli, new and old ginger root, cloves, cardanom pods and lemon grass. Pitch in a Wyeast Lambic Blend and a Coopers Ale Yeast for back up - we need this baby to brew :) Oh yeah, why not add a pommace of dry ingredients into the fermenter to steep yet more flavour - more fresh ginger, mint leaves, lemon grass stalks, whole chilli and more Pride of Ringwood hops. Can a ginger beer taste like ginger beer and finish like whisky with a warm glow down your throat?  I think so, but why not taste it yourself - stock is truly limited with only 29 bottles and 10 put aside from the Ginger Ninjas.
Ingredients: Coopers Ginger Beer Kit, Old & New Ginger Root, Brewing Sugar, Beechworth Honey, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Kafir Lime Leaves, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Lemongrass,  Mint, Hops, Chilli, Cloves, Lambic & Ale Yeast, Saccharin & Cyclamate.
abv 4% alc/vol
Brewed on: 3 July 2011 Bottled on: 15 July 2011 Best after: 10 Nov 2011
Brew on!

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