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Frank Zappa once sang about "sitting on the beaches looking at the peaches"...  Whilst, there was no sitting on the beaches looking at the peaches here, there was a lot of sitting on the back deck watching the peaches grow in the garden and thinking of ways to incorporate the bounty of the home orchard into a #sour #lambic #homegrown #homebrew with some luscious fresh #harvest peaches that needed to be put to work on a straight unblended lambic of Bulldogs Bite Golden Sour Ale II.  So if you love sours & peaches stop looking & start brewing my friend! Hope this gets you going down the rabbit hole of sours this stuff takes time...we are 10 months in and at least another 2 years to go before consumption...#brewhappy


  • Style BJCP 2008 : 17.D Straight (Unblended) Lambic
  • OG/FG/IBU 1.0419 / 1.0105 / 8
  • SRM 5
  • ABV 4.1%
  • Water 12.61 L Water
  • Batch Size 9.46 L (Picobrew / double all ingredients for standard 19L brewlength)
  • Brewday: 23 August 2015

Gladfield Malt Bill:



Type              Amount (g)     Alpha Acid %     Time

Saaz                        10                      3.5                   60 mins (start of boil)


Type               Amount (g)         Use                          Time

Irish Moss             3                    Boil                           10 mins from end of boil


Name                           Amount (tsp)

Calcium Chloride           0.5


Single Step Infusion Mash     67 degrees celsius    90 minutes ZappaSourPeachesPicobrewIMAG0598


  • 60 minutes


Name                  Expected AA%             Range Temp (C)               Pitch Temp (C)

White Labs WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix I     75           17.2 - 23.9                          20.6 You could use any of the following fine choices from GigaYeast:


  1. Normal Ale Fermentation: Cool to 20.6 C and keep temperature consistent for 10 Days

Recipe Notes:

  1. Pitched onto West Footscrazy Flanders Red Yeast Cake Sun 6 Sep 15 - racked off into 2 x 5L glass carboys.
  2. Took FG 1.10 Tasting tangy, looking golden and cloudy and beautiful sick slic on the top of the fermenter - marvellous stuff so far. Will google for wood chips to L ration.
  3. Racked off into 15litre demi-john and topped up with a homebrew Belgian Tripel
  4. 19 Dec 2015 Picked & Chopped & Boiled for 2 mins 3.6Kg of homegrown harvest peaches from the garden (tx Frank Zappa) + 200g of raw sugar
IMAG1376IMAG1377IMAG1378IMAG1379IMAG1380 5.  24 Jan 2016 Racked again of the Peaches Pure into a third fermentation in a DemiJohn IMAG1465IMAG1464

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