Bounce - Sep 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News...  🍻 📡📻 📺📜 🙏

Bounce - Sep 2020 - BeerCo Brewing & Distilling News... 🍻 📡📻 📺📜 🙏

Dermott DowlingSep 12, '20

Hang in there seems to be the catch cry of the day/month/year during the enduring CoVid19 Pandemic. Rather like a good jump on the trampoline every now and again you get the double bounce sending you even higher into the unknown.

Throughout this ordeal remember we are here for you if you want to drop us a line or give us a call and chat about your Brewing and Distilling supplies please reach out anytime!  Please Note - you are not allowed to come and see us or do local pickups but we are still shipping it #CoVidSafe and happy as fast as we possibly can to help you brew and/or distil happy always!

There are also lots of exciting products of the month and news to share this month on with the News....

Malt of the Month - Crisp Brown Malt - Hop of the Month - Vic Secret AU Hops - Yeast of the Month - Lallemand Brewing Verdant IPA Yeast - NEW! - Adjunct of the Month - Candi Syrup NEW! 50lb/22.7Kg Pails  - BeerCo Recipe of the Month - Double Bounce | Oat Cream IPA | BeerCo All Grain Brewing Kit - Equipment of the Month - 200L ex Beenleigh Rum Barrels - How to Brew like a Pro Video - Yeast 101 - Part 3 - with Lallemand Brewing and what has been and gone and is coming up on our Brewing and Distilling NEW! Virtual Events Calendar in 2020.  

On with the Brewing & Distilling News....Double Bounce Happy! Stay CoVidSafe and Healthy .... and have a beery happy Brewing and/or Distilling month of September!

Cheers #BrewHappy #DistillHappy always

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Candi Syrup - 1lb/454g Pouches $9.95 and 50lb/22.7Kg Pails $249.95 inc. GST
Crisp Brown Malt
Crisp Brown Malt
$5.95/1Kg - $89.25/25Kg (SAVE 40%)

Crisp Brown Malt is a specialty malt roasted for that bit longer to give a nutty roast dryness with a light brown hue, perfect for brown ales and milds.

Tasting Notes - Toasted Bread, Dry, Non-Sweet, Rich
Beer Styles - Old Ales, Mild Ales, Brown Ales, Bitters, Dark Ales, Porters
Usage Rate - Guidance - up to 5%

Pack Sizes and Prices:

  • 1 Kg Bag $5.95/Kg
  • 5 Kg Bag $23.80 (SAVE 20% OFF 1 Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg Bag $89.25 (SAVE 40% OFF 1 Kg Bag Price)
  • Click here for Trade Account Wholesale orders and pricing $2.35/Kg exc. GST (SAVE 55% OFF 1Kg Retail Price)

Batch Analysis:

Typical Analysis





Moisture 2.0% max 2.0% max 2.0% max
Extract 275 L°/kg 73.0% 73.0%
Colour 110-135 EBC 120-150 EBC 45.7-57.0 °L

Insist on Crisp Brown Malt in your next Brew Happy and try some of these other Crisp Specialty Malts

Crisp Cara Gold Malt - foam and mouthfeel - fruity and toffee flavour notes
Crisp Amber Malt - Biscuit Malt -  Dry, Biscuit, Bready, Slightly Toasted, No Residual Sweetness
Crisp Light Munich Malt - Rich Malty and Bread Crust Flavours
Go to town with Crisp Brown Malt
Vic Secret™ AU Hops
Vic Secret™ AU Hops
$8.95/100g - $313.25/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

VIC SECRET™ is an irresistibly aromatic hop that imparts clean pineapple, pine and herb flavours.

Vic Secret’s™ full potential is realised through late addition where the impact of her high levels of alpha acid are balanced and the aromatic oil profile can be captured.


  • Type 90 AU Hop Pellets

Pack Sizes and Prices!

  • 100g $8.95 inc GST
  • 250g $19.95 (SAVE 10% OFF 100g Price)
  • 500g $37.95 (SAVE 15% OFF 100g Price)
  • 1 Kg $69.95 (SAVE 20% OFF 100g Price)
  • 5 Kg $313.25 (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)


  • Pineapple, Pine, Herb Flavours

Analytical Data:

  • Harvest: 2020 Batch No. VV66 Alpha acids (%) 21.2 Moisture (%) 8.2 Oil Content ml/per 100g: 3.1

You might also like to try some of these other AU Hops!

  • Cascade AU Hops - Unique American floral character. Defines US Pale Ale style
  • Ella AU Hops - noble hop character complemented with a delicious spicy finish.
  • Enigma AU Hops -  Pinot Gris, Rockmelon, Light Tropical Fruit
Put some Pine from Vic in your Next Brew Hoppy!
Webinar - Yeast 101 - Part 3 with our great mates at Lallemand Brewing - Dan McCulloch | Technical Manager | Asia Pacific and Erin Glass | Technical Manager | Rocky Mountain Region | USA and Marie Coppet | Homebrew Sales Manager | Europe. In part 3 we cover off some Frequently Asked Questions from our customers like + Kveik Yeast - What is it? How versatile is Lallemand Brewing Voss Kveik Ale Yeast? + Bottle Conditioning with Yeast - is it required? What Yeast to use? + Lallemand Brewing WildBrew™ Sour Pitch Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Helveticus - Tips to Stay Sour with WildBrew™ + NEW! LalBrew Philly Sour - Yeast that creates Lactic Acid + Diastaticus - What is it? How to manage it in your Brewery? + Biotransformation - What is it? What Lallemand Brewing Yeast do you recommend for Hazy beer styles? + Top Tips for homebrewers to get the best out of their Yeast! proudly resell an extensive range of Lallemand Brewing Yeast in 11g Sachets for Home Brewers and 500g Bricks for Craft Brewers. Head on over to the shop at and use the coupon code "lallemand" for 10% OFF your first purchase at Special tanks to Dan and Erin and Marie for sharing their insights and experience with us and our wonderful brewing community. For more knowledge and resources we direct customers to the excellent resources available on the Lallemand Brewing website including the Best Practices on Rehydration referred to by Marie in this video - link below: Another great reference is the Lallemand Brewing Yeast Pitching Calculator link here:
LalBrew® Verdant IPA Ale Yeast - NEW!
LalBrew® Verdant IPA Ale Yeast - NEW!

LalBrew® Verdant IPA was specially selected in collaboration with Verdant Brewing Co. (UK) for its ability to produce a variety of hop-forward and malty beers.

Prominent notes of apricot and undertones of tropical fruit and citrus merge seamlessly with hop aromas. With medium-high attenuation, LalBrew® Verdant IPA yeast leaves a soft and balanced malt profile with slightly more body than a typical American IPA yeast strain. This highly versatile strain is well suited for a variety of beer styles including NEIPA, English IPA, American Pale, English Bitter, Sweet Stout and Sours.

Pack Sizes and Prices:

  • 11g Sachet $7.95 inc GST
  • 500g Brick (coming soon)

Beer Styles:

  • NEIPA, English IPA, American Pale, English Bitter, Sweet Stout and Sours.


  • Apricot with notes of tropical fruit and citrus


  • Medium to High

Fermentation Range:

  • 18 - 23°C (64 - 73°F)


  • Moderate

Alcohol Tolerance:

  • 10% ABV

Pitching Rate:

  • 50 - 100g/hL to achieve a minimum of 0.5 - 1 million viable cells/mL

Other Lallemand Brewing Yeast you might like to try in your next Brew Happy!: Available in 11g sachets for Home Brewers and 500g Bricks for Craft Brewers

Be more Verdant with Your next IPA!
Simplicity Premium Blonde Candi Syrup™ - 1 SRM
Simplicity Premium Blonde Candi Syrup™ - 1 SRM
$9.95 / 454g/1lb Pouch or $249.95 / 22.7Kg / 50lb Pail (SAVE 50% OFF 1lb Price)

Simplicity Candi Syrup™ is a near perfect balance of highly fermentable sugars. Simplicity is a unique blonde Belgian style Candi Syrup unlike anything available on the market today. Excellent for Saisons, Triples, and Golden Ale's.

Simplicity Candi Syrup™ is much to be preferred over refined sugar due to its superior ferment-ability.

Pack Sizes and Prices:

  • 1 lb / 454g Pouches $9.95 inc GST 
  • 50 lb / 22.7 Kg Plastic Pails $249.95 inc GST (SAVE 50% on 1 Litre Price)
Other Candi Syrups you might like to try in your next Brew Happy! NOW AVAILABLE IN 50LB PAILS! as well as 1lb pouches.
Simplicity Candi Syrup - NOW in 50lb Pails!
Double Bounce - Oat Cream DDH IPA - BeerCo All Grain Kit
Double Bounce - Oat Cream DDH IPA - BeerCo All Grain Kit
$64.95 - $69.95

Jump Jump Jump Up and Jump Down and Jump Around - Just be careful of the Double Bounce - Oat Cream IPA with a Double Bounce of Oats and creamy lactose and a healthy Double Dry Hop with Pineapple and Piney Vic Secret AU Hops paired up with Bravo US Hops!  Bravo for the Double Bounce - DDH - Oat Cream IPA! So what do you say Jump Up and Jump Down and pour me one of those Double Bounce Oat Cream IPAs tanks - Cheers #brewhappy always #enjoyresponsibly always

Cheers! Prost #brewhappy always #enjoyresponsibly

Double Bounce me a DDH Oat Cream DIPA!
200L ex Beenleigh Rum Barrels
200L ex Beenleigh Rum Barrels
$449.95 inc GST

These barrels originally started off as Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels, and were then shipped to Beenleigh Distillery, Australia’s oldest registered distillery, to be filled with rum.  The exact date of each of their first fills isn’t know, but chatting with the master distiller, he confirmed that they would’ve been first filled in the 1990s. And boy, can you smell it!

We took a couple of bungs out today and breathed in 20+ years of rum maturation. The aromas are of intense Rum and Raisin, with hints of vanilla, and a good dose of 5-spice thrown in as well. They smell utterly amazing. The last batch of Beenleigh Rum barrels have been used to mature both spirits and beer, and the feedback from both camps has been sensational.

These barrels are 200L, STRICTLY LIMITED QUANTITY - 4 ONLY! and priced to SELL OUT FAST!

Barrels of Fun! Barrels ex Rum! 200L Buy One!
Been and Gone BeerCo Events and Webinars to brush up your Brewing and/or Distilling Knowledge: