Crisp Malt Australian Distillers Webinar #001

Calling all Australian Craft Distillers! Special tanks again Colin Johnston David Griggs and Luke Bennett at Crisp Malt for sharing your knowledge with us in our inaugural Craft Distilling Webinar #001 ...looking forward to our next one as we dive deeper into the amazing process of Malt and Distilling Whisky and more...

Here we explore the barley growing season and cycle and the new upgraded Peat Furnace at Crisp Portgordon Malt Plant at the northern tip of Scotland. Peating Furnace, Floor Malting and the state of the art modern spiral Roaster alongside specialty malts and cereals make Crisp Malt a first choice supplier to premium large multinational distillers and smaller innovative flavour forward craft distillers. are proud importers and distribution partners for Crisp range Crisp Premium Pot Distilling and Peated Malt for Distillers alongside Rye Malt and Flaked Torrefied Maize and heritage Malt like Maris Otter and Chevallier Malt for Distillers looking to differentiate with full flavour spirit. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us or visit our website pages:

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