IBA Mash Up Malteurop Australia

Here we share a deep dive into the Australian Malting and Brewing Industry with Trevor Perryman - Managing Director of Malteurop Australia sharing his knowledge, insights and experience with a room full of thirsty for knowledge Independent Craft Brewers at the IBA (Independent Brewers of Australia) Mash Up in Melbourne at Bonehead Brewing Co, Kensington, Melbourne, November 2019.

Topics covered in this wide ranging talk include:
+ Australian Wheat
+ Australian Barley
+ Growing Regions
+ Barley Varieties and Breeding Programmes
+ Exports and Markets for Australian Malt at home and abroad
+ Climate Change Impact on Growing Regions
+ Australian Malt Market Breakdown of the Key Players
+ Malteurop VIVESCIA - the Farmer's Maltsters
+ Malteurop global / local presence - local everywhere
+ Malteurop values
+ Malteurop Portfolio
+ Malteurop Australia Geelong Malting Plant
+ Malteurop New Zealand Plant and Breeding Program
+ Malteurop Certification
+ Malteurop Australia BeerCo.com.au Supply and Distribution Partnership to Australian Brewers and Distillers
+ Malt Certificate of Analysis
+ Australian Brewing - History
+ Australian Craft Brewing - History to today
+ Britten's Brewery, Tamworth, New South Wales
We hop you enjoy the talk as much as we did and the Independent Craft Brewers in attendance. If you would like to find out more about Malteurop Australia please visit their website here: https://www.malteurop.com/en/australia
If you would like supply of their excellent quality premium Pilsen Malt please reach out to us at Service@BeerCo.com.au or visit our website at https://beerco.com.au/collections/malteurop for more information. If you would like to join or learn more about the IBA please visit their website here: http://iba.org.au/
Tanks again to the IBA and Bonehead Brewing Co, Kensington Melbourne and Trevor Perryman - MD - Malteurop Australia for an education on all things Malt and Brewing in Australia.

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