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einkorn - March 2021 - BeerCo Brewing 🍻 & Distilling 🍸🍹 News... 📡📻 📺📜

einkorn - March 2021 - BeerCo Brewing 🍻 & Distilling 🍸🍹 News... 📡📻 📺📜

Lots of exciting things to share this month from updates on the Australian Grain Harvest to Cara Gold Malt and NEW! Talus US Hops and LalBrew CBC-1 Yeast and Flaked Rice and Babysteps | IPA and einkorn | Wheat Vodka Recipe Kits and How to Brew No/Lo Alcohol beers … with so much to report its time to get on with the News…

Here we share the Australian Malting Barley Harvest report 2020-21 from our supply partners at Malteurop Australia. The good news is we have a very good harvest due to great conditions thoughout the Australian spring and summer – plenty of moisture and few extremely hot days. Nationally malting barley yield is up 29% and 10% in Victoria. Protein levels are within the 10-11.5% range and screenings are excellent with 90% above 2.5mm and less than 2% below 2.2mm screen sizes. Spartacus and Planet remain the dominant barley varieties currently being grown in Australia with Compass, La Trobe and Westminster falling in behind the big two varieties. KIWI is the NEW! variety from the Malteurop Breeding Program which offers superior malting qualities and is progressing well through Barley Australia accreditation and craft brewer trials. If you are interested to buy or try Malteurop NEW! Kiwi Malt variety please reach out to us at We expect NEW! Harvest 2020/21 Malteurop Kiwi Pilsen Malt to be available to brewers and Distillers from April 2021.

For all our Trade Wholesale Craft Brewers and Distillers and Retail Partners out there, do not forget to sign up for your Online Trade/Wholesale account if you have not already done so. It will save you valuable brewing and distilling time with easy online ordering and you can avail of our standard terms of trade. Feel free to reach out and drop us a line anytime to or give us a call on +61 490 501 392 if you have any questions on anything brewing and/or distilling related.

Cheers #brewhappy always #distilhappy always and have a great March! Marching On!

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