anhc4 - There's Something About Malty - Caleb DeFrees - Gladfield Malt Keynote

Caleb DeFrees @Gladfield Malt Caleb DeFrees New Product Development, Laboratory, Quality & Safety Manager – from Gladfield Malt NZ shares some insight into the Malting process from seed to beer at ANHC4 - the Australian National Homebrewers Conferece 2014 Caleb manages New Product Development, Laboratory Analysis, Quality and Safety at Gladfield Malt in New Zealand. His first taste of craft beer was a New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale enjoyed in Yellowstone National park in the summer of 2001.   Studying Culinary Arts at the Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York in 2004 Caleb had to opt for wine over the mass mainstream American beers enjoyed by others at the College before he rediscovered his love of craft beer in 2007.  Caleb took up homebrewing in 2009 like many others with a few plastic buckets, some extract and unwillingness to wait two weeks to drink his own beer.  With further food science study at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York he got into the science of brewing and that quickly led to all-grain brewing with the controls needed to make a great beer at home. Please click below to listen to Caleb's informative talk about Malt: There's Something About Malty: what does malt do to beer? [playlist ids="3087"] Or if you are in front of the confuser or Smart TV with a quality craft or home brewed beer in hand and prefer to watch the talk click below: [embed][/embed]
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