Yeast - Let's get to the heart of great beer!

Malt is the Soul of great beer, Hops is the personality, and Yeast is the Heart of great beer.  @BeerCoAu we search high and low far and wide to bring you the best brewing materials in the best condition to brew the best beer possible. Start with 'fresh & friable' 'clean & consistent' quality craft malt and when you mill make sure you chew!  Check for quality crunch (friability) and flavour in your grain and throw it away if its sinking rather than floating in a glass of water. Before you throw your hops in the kettle make sure they arrive in a condition that is fit for brewing.  Are they vacuum packed in foil and were they stored cold in the fridge or freezer?  How do they smell when you rub them between your fingers.  Just like when you cook with fresh herbs and spices, quality well stored fresh hops are going to have a major impact on your beer quality.  Ask your friendly home brew shop or supplier where the hops are from, when they were picked and how they were stored so you know you are brewing with quality malt and hops. Now, our good friend Yeast.  So often left to the last minute and tossed into the fermenter onto sometimes still quite warm wort, have a think how you treat our little friends that are going to do the heavy lifting of chewing through all those malt sugars and giving you the gift of alcohol and carbon dioxide and create their own flavour impact on your beer.  There are many different strain's of brewers yeast available and each strain has a different flavour profile.  How you store and look after your yeast in terms of hydration, starters and yeast nutrient health are going to be critical to having a healthy fermentation in a reasonable time frame. Follow the manufacturers guidance closely.  If you are brewing with dried yeast take the small amount of time required to hydrate according to the instructions on pack and pitch at the recommended pitching rate.  There is no point scrimping on the quality and amount of Yeast you use in your brew to save a few dollars after all the time and care and expense you have invested in the rest of your brewing process.  Remember - like all good things in life quality in means quality out and we want to help you make truly outstanding world class beer. Cheers to our little friends - Yeast!
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