Steroid ESB

Steroid ESB

Dermott DowlingJan 31, '15
#HometoPro Brewer: Russell Carpenter past local president of Righteous Brewers Townsville and past helping hand at our much loved retail partner Home Brewers Warehouse in Townsville shares with our readers his Steroid ESB recipe. This brew is a nice rich malty English Special Bitter brewed for a full malt character and thanks Russell and congrats on your new efficiency record of 88%!

Brew Method:


Batch Size:  (litres)

  • Target:  48L

Est. Boil Size:  (litres)

  • 58L


  • Russell Carpenter @paradoxbeerlab
  • Extra Strong Bitter

Gladfield Malt Bill (Kg)

11.00 Kg Total 100%


65.0 g Pride of Ringwood (8.7% AA) (60 mins)


  • Wyeast 1335 – British Ale II
You could readily substitute the following Yeasts for excellent results: Water: 1 tsp CaSO4

Brewing Aids:

  • 1 tsp yeast nutrient @ 15 mins
  • 1 tsp BrewBrite @ 15 mins


Single Infusion 1) Temp:  66C Time: 60 mins Amount:  32L 2) Mash Out: 77C Time: 10 mins Sparge: 39L Boil: 60 mins


Time:  (minutes) 60 mins Efficiency:  % (Brew House) 90% – a new record @paradoxbeerlab!!! Original Gravity: 1.065 Final Gravity: 1.018 ABV: 6.20% IBU: 29.5 SRM: 11.8 IMG_20141202_154045


18C for 3 days, increase 1C each day after for 3 days

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