The Quality & Art of Craft Malt - Gladfield Malt @QHC2015

Our quest at BeerCo is to alleviate the world of beer poverty one good brew at a time. Don't laugh this is a serious issue! Each and every day millions of poor drinkers around the globe have to drink beer below par because 1,000s of brewers are brewing with poor quality brewing materials.  Our search is Your satisfaction. We love brewing, craft beer, and malt!  You can not make a great craft or home brew beer with out great craft malt.  Try and cover up your poor malt quality flavour flaws with copious amounts of hops but the discerning craft beer connoisseur or your drinking buddies will see through your brewing trickery and you will not sell or serve another of your beers to him or her.  Quality In = Quality Out! In order to brew the best beer possible you must start with great quality craft malt!  Make the right decision at the start by using better quality brewing materials and see the benefits in the beers you brew and enjoy drinking. In this video Co-Founder Gabi Michael @GladfieldMalt shares her wisdom on what goes into making great malting barley on Gladfield Farm and surrounding farms in the Canterbury Plains of New Zealand. Gabi then shares the secrets of craft malt as opposed to mainstream malt used my macro breweries for very specific brewing outcomes. [embed][/embed] Craftbrewers and homebrewers love to use specialty malts and base malts that are made to balance out the robust use of hops and aromatic yeast to create beers with more intense flavour, body, aroma and head retention. Gladfield Malt is a craft malting that has been founded by 5th generation malting barley growers Doug & Gabi Michael in Canterbury, New Zealand. Their passion from farm through malthouse to your brewery is evident in the passion Gabi shows in her talk to over 150++ thirsty Queensland home and pro-brewers #QHC2015. We hope you enjoy the talk as much as we did and the wonderful audience @QHC2015. [embed][/embed] To find a full list of homebrew retailers selling Gladfield Malt jump onto our website at:  As we like to say @BeerCoAu - Quality In = Quality Out! If you want to brew truly outstanding craft beer or homebrew you need to start with quality craft malt. Cheers!  

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