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Kunekune Pig
Kunekune Porter Milled Liquid Yeast BeerCo Kit

Kunekune- Manuka Smoked Porter - BeerCo Recipe Kit

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Kunekune | Manuka Smoked Porter | BeerCo Recipe Kit

Who doesn't love tasty smokey bacon and warming your toes by the fire in the depth of winter with a well brewed smoked porter? We have pulled together for you the ultimate warming Kunekune | Manuka Smoked Porter | BeerCo Recipe Kit named after the little Kunekune pig introduced to NZ from the UK and a hit with the Maori and Pakeha alike cooked in a traditional hāngi on hot rocks beneath the earth or on a spit this little piggy is one to be relished with delight and should be accompanied by a subtly smoked Porter to bring out the best of Kunekune. Manuka is a native tea tree to NZ and interestingly found in AU as well. More famous in Honey, Gladfield Malt have taken the unique smoke of the Manuka tree and made a delightfully subtle and complex smoked malt that will bring across even the smoke beer haters. We suggest you put this one down in Autumn and give it time to age and develop complexity. If you are into smoking your own bacon or curing meat then grab your finest smokey little piggy and invite all your friends over for some slow and low smokey delights! Cheers #brewhappy and as always #drinkhappier and #responsibly and give this brew a review for the benefit of our customers - old and new.

Vital Stats:

Batch & Boil
  • Batch Size: 21.0 L US 5 Gallon
  • Boil Time: 75-90 mins


  • OG 1.055
  • FG 1.016
  • IBU 49
  • ABV 5.1%
  • Colour 33 SRM / 65 EBC
  • Balance - 0.90

Gladfield Malt

Amount Fermentable % Use PPG Color
3.6 kg

American Ale Malt

66 Mash 37 5 EBC
0.9 kg
Manuka Smoke Malt
17 Mash 37 4 EBC
0.45 kg
Supernova Malt
5 Mash 34 115 EBC
0.25 kg
Light Chocolate Malt
5 Mash 36 950 EBC
0.25 kg
Dark Chocolate Malt
5 Mash 29 1300 EBC


Amount Hop Time Use Form AA
20 gm Topaz (AU) 60 min Boil Pellet 17.2%
50 gm Willamette (US) 15 min Boil Pellet 4.7%


Liquid | GigaYeast

Dry | Lallemand Danstar


  1. Mash grains at 67° C
  2. Boil for 75-90 minutes, adding the first hops so that they boil for 60 minutes and the second hops so they boil for 15 minutes.
  3. Pitch with an ample starter of GY031 British Ale #2 GigaYeast strain (Nottingham Danstar Dry Yeast option)
  4. Ferment at 18-21° C
  5. Yeast & Fermentation - Aerate well and ferment at 18-21° C until FG is reached or your hydrometer readings are constant over 2-3 days.
  6. Yeast off, mature for 19 days before carbonating.

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