Californication - Oct 2018

  1. This Oct 18 monthly is another bumper issue - Malt of the Month - Crisp Europils Malt - Adjunct of the Month - Dextrose Hop of the Month - Hallertau Blanc - Yeast of the Month - GY005 Golden Gate Lager Gigayeast Equipment of the Month - Malt Mechanics 30L Conical Fermenter - BeerCo Recipe Kit of the Month - Californication | EuroCal Lager and that will do for now...oh no it won't!

    Andrew @StassBrewing brings us his second installment of his excellent "How to Brew like a Pro!" BrewTube videos on Malt where he does a very interesting deep dive using the Briess Hot Steep method of comparison into Base Ale Malt using Gladfield Ale and Crisp Maris Otter Malt and Gladfield American Ale and Crisp Best Ale Malt.

    We SlideShare a talk last week to Inner Sydney Brewers on Why? Crisp Malt  - 3 different SMaSH Beers (recipes included in the SlideShare) and Fast Souring Techniques with Dr Jim at GigaYeast.  Read on for the SlideShare from a fun engaging and entertaining night with Inner Sydney Brewers in Syncity!

    Last but not least, please do not forget to put these upcoming meetup dates into your brewing calendar

    1. BeerCo Bottle Share meetup - Wed 24 Oct - 4-7 PM at BeerCo HQ find us here: a short 10 mins from MELbrewin' Airport. Drop in and say g'day on your way to anhc
    2. anhc 6 - 26-8 Oct 2018 in MELbrewin' - have you got your Tickets and accomodation sorted? Buy your tickets NOW!
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