OYL-111 German Bock Omega Yeast


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Balancing malt and hop flavours remarkably well, the OYL-111 German Bock lager strain is thought to be from the famous brewery in Aying, Bavaria. OYL-111 German Bock Lager Omega Yeast is superb for bocks, doppelbocks, Oktoberfest lagers, helles and as well as American pilsners.

Omega Yeast's metabolically healthy cells produce vigorous fermentation and consistent results for home brewers and probrewers alike.  Each homebrew pack (150ml) is packed with  225b cells.

Strain Type

  • Lager


  • Medium


  • 70-76%

Temperature Range

  • 48–55° C (9–13° F) 

Alcohol Tolerance

  • 11%

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