GTP - Pale Ale - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit
GTP - Pale Ale - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit
GTP - Pale Ale - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit
GTP - Pale Ale - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit

GTP - Pale Ale - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit

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What is great to always have on tap or in bottles when mates come calling? A Go-To-Pale Ale or GTP Pale Ale for short! We thought long and hard and will keep on thinking long and hard about a good reliable recipe for an honest to goodness Go To Pale Ale that you might like to Supercharge a little bit with your own flare that is guaranteed to put a smile on your mates dial and keep you refreshed without knocking you down or ruining yourself for work tomorrow.

GTP | Pale Ale | BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit is a classic hoppy US West Coast style Pale Ale with a simple and solid 90/10 Crisp Best Ale and Wheat Malt base hopped up nice and strong with fragrant Cascade hops.  We recommend you ferment this one nice and dry with your choice of Yeast.

GTP Pale can be supercharged a little more with whatever extra fresh hops you have left lying around for a single or double dry hop or you can let it sing on its own and this is the type of beer that will be a winner with a wide audience of friends and family, male and female - GTP Pale Ale is full of character and flavour and it is not going to slap you around or knock you out like a jackhammer!

Vital Stats:

  • SG 1.046 (11.5 plato)
  • FG 1.010 (2.5 plato)
  • ABV 4.7%
  • IBU 45
  • Colour 9.5 EBC / 4.8 SRM
  • Balance - 0.98 (IBU/GU)
  • Volume: 22 Litres / 26 Kg Gross Wt. No dilution required.



  • Cascade [7.30 %] - Boil 60 min 34 IBU
  • Cascade [7.30 %] - Boil 15 min   9 IBU
  • Cascade [7.30 %] - Boil   5 min   2 IBU


We recommend you purchase one of the following fine Yeast below - NB: Yeast SOLD SEPARATELY!

Liquid | GigaYeast

Dry Yeast

Lallemand Brewing 



  1. Clean - Rinse - Sanitise your Fermenter!
  2. Yeast & Fermentation - Pour your Fresh Wort Kit into the fermenter aerating well and bring to pitching temp 18-20 °C.
  3. Oxygenate your wort and pitch your yeast and start your ferment at 18 °C letting it free rise to 22 °C.
  4. Conditioning - Rack the beer off the yeast after primary fermentation and do an optional single or double dry hop with either/or/both Cascade, Centennial or Galaxy or you can go with what is handy and leftover in the freezer!  Dry Hop once primary fermentation is finished and leave for 72 hours.
  5. Bottling or Kegging - Carbonate to 2.5 volumes of CO2.
  6. Cheers #enjoyresponsibly and in good company


Dry or Liquid Yeast and Hops for Dry Hopping [Optional] are all SOLD SEPARATELY. Do not forget to purchase your Yeast and optional dry hops before checking out!

For more Guidance on How to Brew a Fresh Wort Kit head on over to our YouTube Channel: