Viper - XPA - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit
Viper - XPA - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit

Viper - XPA - BeerCo Fresh Wort Kit

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Viper XPA BeerCo All Grain Recipe Kit is a super light malt body eXtra Pale Ale that is fully hopped with fruit forward tropical hops and fermented out nice and bone dry. Rather like a Viper it slides down easy but be careful as there is enough in this XPA to make you forget her capability to give you a sting if you are not enjoying yourself responsibly.

Two Malts - Crisp Europils and Dextrin Malt and Two Hops - El Dorado® and Equanot™ who will dance off to the tune of GY001 Nor Cal Ale #1 GigaYeast. The simplicity of this beer is its natural brilliance. If you like SMaSH beers (Single Malt and Single Hop) you will love the Viper XPA a TMaTH (Two Malt and Two Hop) harmony and balance in the top of your mouth going south fast - watch her, she has a sting in her tail!

We recommend you ferment this one nice and dry with your choice of West Coast Ale Yeast - we like GY001 Nor Cal Ale #1 GigaYeast.

Viper | XPA can be supercharged a little more with whatever extra fresh aromatic hops you have left lying around for a single or double dry hop or you can let it sing on its own and this is the type of beer that will be a winner with a wide audience of friends and family, male and female.  Brew Easy and Enjoy Responsibly Always!

Vital Stats

  • OG 1.053 FG 1.014 IBU 60 ABV 5.1% Colour 6.9 EBC


Amt    Name                      Colour   % Grist

5.0 Kg   Crisp Europils              3.5 EBC    95%

0.25 Kg Crisp Dextrin                3.0 EBC      5%

5.25 Kg TOTAL                          6.5 EBC    100%


Amt Name       Alpha Acids When Time           IBU

30 g   El Dorado  [13.90 %]            Boil       15 min Hop   33 IBUs

20 g   El Dorado  [13.90 %]            Boil         5 min Hop   14 IBUs

20 g   Ekuanot     [14.70 %]            Boil          0 min Hop   11 IBUs

50 g   El Dorado  [13.90 %]            Dry Hop   3 Days Hop  0 IBU [Sold separately]

50 g   Ekuanot    [14.70 %]             Dry Hop   3 Days Hop  0 IBU [Sold separately]


We recommend you purchase one of the following fine Yeast below - NB: Yeast SOLD SEPARATELY!


Dry Yeast

Lallemand Brewing 



  1. Clean - Rinse - Sanitise your Fermenter!
  2. Yeast & Fermentation - Pour your Fresh Wort Kit into the fermenter aerating well and bring to pitching temp 18-20 °C.
  3. Oxygenate your wort and pitch your yeast and start your ferment at 18 °C letting it free rise to 22 °C.
  4. Over the course of the two-week fermentation, ramp the temperature up to 23°C (73 °F ) to ensure full attenuation.
  5. On approximately Day 5 of fermentation when attenuation has reached about 80%, add the first dry hop addition of 50 grams of El Dorado .
  6. Wait 3 days, then remove the first dry hop addition and add the second addition of 50 grams of Ekuanot hops and dry hop for another 3 days.
  7. When finished, carbonate the beer to approximately 2.5 volumes (5 g/L) of CO2 (or add 125g of table sugar or 180g of Light Dried Malt Extract if bottling) and drink fresh. Prost!
  8. Bottling or Kegging - Carbonate to 2.5 volumes of CO2.
  9. Cheers #enjoyresponsibly and in good company


  • Yeast and Dry Hops [Optional] SOLD SEPARATELY to Viper | XPA Fresh Wort Kit.  Do not forget to add your Yeast (dry or liquid) and optional dry hops before checkout!

For more guidance on How to Brew a Fresh Wort Kit head on over to our YouTube Channel: