GigaYeast is a professional grade liquid yeast for brewers, made in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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The GigaYeast Gold pitch is the first homebrew yeast with a true 5 gallon / 19 litre pitch rate for consistent fermentations without the need for a starter (> 200 billion yeast).

Each Gold Pitch is made with care in the GigaYeast laboratory using hand picked yeast varieties. Gold Pitch Shelf life: If stored properly before use, Gold pitch yeast remain greater than 90% viable for 30 days after the date printed on each unit, greater than 80% viable from 31 to 60 days and greater than 70% viable from 61-90 days. “Ok, so they’re alive. Do they still make beer?”.

Results show that Gold Pitch yeast attained an average apparent attenuation of approximately 83% even after 90 days in storage.

Yeast older than 60 days tended to start slower (results not shown).

Yeast older than 90 days will still attenuate but we recommend using a starter to insure a successful brew.

BeerCo can provide craft brewers with 1BBL (119L) to 100 BBL (11,924L) Pitchable* Yeast, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Wild Yeast & Sour Blends҂. Custom Pitch sizes, High Gravity and Lager pitches - pricing available on request. * Where one BBL is sufficient to pitch 31 gal (app 118 L) of a 16 P˚ ale. ҂ Sour blends include a full pitch of Yeast/Wild Yeast and a full pitch of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

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