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GigaYeast is a professional grade liquid yeast for brewers, made in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Are you a pro-brewer and want to Order Pro-Pitches in your brews? You can now order pro-pitches directly from ONLINE 24/7 365 Days of the Brewing Year!
Drop us a line anytime to talk about how to #GetYourGigaOn in a Big Batch Way at provides craft brewers with 1BBL (119L) to 100 BBL (11,924L) Pitchable* Yeast, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Wild Yeast & Sour Blends҂. Custom Pitch sizes, High Gravity and Lager pitches - pricing available on request. * Where one BBL is sufficient to pitch 31 gal (app 118 L) of a 16 P˚ ale. ҂ Sour blends include a full pitch of Yeast/Wild Yeast and a full pitch of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Note 1: Most GigaYeast strains and blends will be about 2BBL / Litre.  GB110 is much more dense. It will be 10 BBL / Litre.
Note 2:  The strains can be more compact, thus lighter for shipping but it varies per strain and batch. 
Note 3: 1 BBL (US, Beer) = 1.17 hL.  Pitch Sizes are in 1BBLs to 10BBL then 5BBLs to 30BBL then 10BBL to 60BBL then 20BBL increments to 100BBL
Note 4: GigaYeast is drop shipped DHL Global Express Freight in 5-7 days from San Jose, CA to your brewery e.g. PickUp Mon ETA Fri
Note 5: AUD:USD is the rate of the day and subject to change and your invoice is calculated at the rate on acceptance of quote/purchase order.  No mark ups or margins are applied to OFX.
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