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Bag Size: 500 gm

Lactose is a milk-based sugar that is not fully fermentable by beer yeast. Adds body and sweetness to milk stouts.


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Brewers Guidance:

Add to lactose into the boil to add sweetness to your brew. Use approximately 100 gm-225 gm of Lactose per 23 litre brew length or adjust to your own taste. One fourth as sweet as cane sugar (sucrose) and non-fermentable by yeast. Add a small amount, mix, and taste. Lactose can be added until desired flavor is obtained. There is no fermentation period or rest needed, so your beer or wine may be bottled immediately. Add to hot water and mix thoroughly before adding to beer if you are adding at end of fermentation, before bottling. Common name: Milk sugar Allergen warning: Contains Milk Ingredients: Milk Product of Australia

Craft Beer Examples - Milk Stouts

Milk Stout Beer Recipe:

Mitch's Steele Magnolias Session Milk Stout

Author: Mitch Steele - Brew Your Own Magazine Issue: November 2017
Vital Stats:
  • 19 L, all-grain
  • OG = 1.052 FG = 1.020
  • IBU = 45 SRM = 55 ABV = 4.2%
This milk stout recipe comes directly from Mitch Steele, Co-Founder of New Realm Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia) and former Brew-master of Stone Brewing Co.
3.2 kg American Ale Malt
0.34 kg Roast Barley
366 gm lactose powder (60 min.)
11.3 AAU Magnum hops (60 min.) (0.75 oz./21 g at 15.5% alpha acids)

2/3 cup corn sugar (if priming)
Step by Step
  1. Mash in with 12.5 L of 74°C strike water, aiming for 67 °C mash temperature.
  2. Hold 60 minutes for conversion.
  3. Raise to 76 °C for mashout. Hold 10 minutes.
  4. Sparge with enough water to collect about 24.6 L.
  5. Add lactose powder and hop addition at start of boil. Boil 60 minutes total.
  6. After the boil, chill to 19 °C. Pitch yeast. Ferment at 19 °C. Condition for two weeks then rack to keg or bottles.