BSY-A006 Antwerp Bluestone Yeast


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NEW! BSY-A006 Antwerp strain from Bluestone Yeast is a traditional Belgian abbey strain, which produces cherry, plum and pear easters.  Medium flocculation results in clear drinkable beer.

Bluestone BSY-A006 Antwerp Yeast has a very high alcohol tolerance of upto 15% ABV making it perfect for use in dubbels, tripels and Belgian strong ales.  

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Suggested Beer Styles

  • Belgian Dark Strong Ale; Belgian Dubbel; Belgian Pale Ale; Belgian Tripel

Strain Type

  • Belgian Ale


  • Medium


  • 74-78%

Temperature Range

  • 18–25° C 

Alcohol Tolerance

  • 15%


  • Negative

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