Novozymes - AMG 300 L BrewQ - 25Kg

Novozymes - AMG 300 L BrewQ - 25Kg

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Novozymes AMG® 300 L BrewQ - In this product the key enzyme activity is provided by
glucoamylase that hydrolyzes (1,4)- and (1,6)-alpha-D-glucosidic linkages at the non-reducing ends of polysaccharides.


Component name: Glucoamylase (glucan 1,4-alpha-glucosidase)
Activity: 260 AGU/g
Color: Light to dark brown
Physical form: Liquid
Properties: Product may be hazy and contain slight precipitate; this does not affect enzyme activity or performance
Approximate density (g/ml): 1.17
Color can vary from batch to batch. Color intensity is not an indication of enzyme activity.

AMG® 300 L BrewQ - Product Data Sheet

AMG® 300 L BrewQ - Safety Data Sheet