Premium Blanc Soft Candi Sugar


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Soft Candi Sugars are commonly preferred by craft brewers for ease of transport and boil addition.  Our delicate palate premium soft sugar is ideal for Tripels and as an adjunct to lighten the body of any ale while adding a light caramel back palate to light or dark Belgian style ales.

Blanc Soft Candi Sugar is a milled granular by-product of the candi syrup manufacturing process. It is produced from non-GMO cane sugars and is commonly used as a gravity adjunct in the brewing industry.


  • 50 lb / 22.7 Kg Pail
  • 3000 lb / 1360 Kg Tote (send your trade inquiries to us at


  • Organic cane sugar, water.


  • SRM - 0
  • EBC - 0
  • PPG - 1.044

Physical Analysis:

 Miscibility in H2O 100% at 100°C 100°F (with agitation)
Colour 0.1 SRM / 0.2 EBC
PPG 1.044 - 1.045 (at 15.5°C / 60 °F)
Maximum Yield 100%

Component Analysis:

 Sucrose (non-GMO) 91.56%
Glucose 3.22%
Fructose 3.18%
Ash content 0.00%
H2O 2.04