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Propper Seltzer takes the guesswork out of hard seltzer brewing, allowing brewers to focus on the creative side of seltzers. For the quickest results, brew with your favorite Omega Yeast kveik strain. Propper Seltzer nutrient is dry and 7bbl and 15bbl sizes are packaged in an easy to use, resealable bag. Simply measure out the dose based on your batch size.

Propper Seltzer™ is a proprietary yeast nutrient used to brew 100% sugar-based hard seltzers using any beer yeast, wine yeast or distillers yeast.  When brewing your sugar base, add a single dose of Propper Seltzer into the whirlpool to supply all of the nitrogen, vitamins, and minerals needed to fuel a thorough fermentation.

Traditional strains ferment in as little as seven (7) days at standard ale temps (68–72°F/20–22°C). If you’re looking for even faster results, to ferment in as little as 4 days, use Propper Seltzer with any of the recommended Omega Yeast kveik strains, fermenting at 80–95°F (27–35°C).

Pack Sizes:

  • 1.19 Kg (42 oz) for 11hL (7 BBL)
  • 2.55 Kg (90 oz) for 24hL (15 BBL)

Recommended Probrewer Use:

  • Dose your sugar base at 170 grams per bbl. See chart at below. up to
    • 1 bbl 170g
    • 3 bbl 510g
    • 5 bbl 850g
    • 7 bbl 1.19kg
    • 8 bbl 1.36kg
    • 10 bbl 1.70kg
    • 11 bbl 1.87kg
    • 12 bbl 2.04kg
    • 15 bbl 2.55kg

Recommend Use with these strains or any traditional Yeast Strain:

    Fast and Reliable Fermentation:

    100% sugar-based hard seltzers do not naturally have the necessary nitrogen, nutrients and minerals yeast need to ferment thoroughly. Propper Seltzer was created to give brewers’ yeast the needed blend of balanced nutrients to reliably achieve healthy fermentation in just one dose.

    Using Propper Seltzer with Lutra Kveik can turn around a 4–5% ABV seltzer in 4–5 days. The result is a superquick and super-clean fermentation that allows brewers to push the limits of hard seltzer with the peace of mind that fermentation will be successful.

    Directions for Use:

    1. Add sugar to 180ºF (82ºC) water and stir to dissolve. Boil for 10 minutes, measure gravity and adjust.
    2. At flameout, add Propper Seltzer nutrient.
    3. Transfer sugar base to the fermenter at desired fermentation temperature. Oxygenate to 8–10 ppm.
    4. Pitch your favorite Omega Yeast strain and let it roll.
    Store at room temperature. Best by 2 years from manufacturing date. Propper Seltzer is a gluten-free product.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    Does the nutrient need to be used if fermenting with fruit?
    Yes, if making hard seltzers with fruit additions you will still need to add nutrient to fuel a successful fermentation.
    What are the ingredients?
    The formulation includes organic and inorganic nitrogen as well as key minerals and vitamins required to support non-malt fermentations.
    How/when do you add the nutrient?
    Add measured dose directly into the whirlpool after flameout and circulate until fully dissolved. The dose should be measured
    according to the brewer’s desired original gravity (OG) and volume.
    If I wanted to do a higher ABV seltzer, would I have to use more nutrient?
    Yes, if starting gravity is >15°P it is suggested to increase the dose to 1.5x to supply the higher nutrient levels required for these high
    ABV seltzers (>9% ABV). If starting gravity is >25°P, increase to 3x nutrient for complete fermentation but choose a yeast that will
    tolerate 14-18% ABV targets. See our included chart for a 25°P seltzer fermentation in 7 days with Lutra Kveik yeast.
    Does the nutrient have any effects on flavor or color?
    Propper Seltzer was carefully designed to minimally impact both flavor and color. Follow the recommended dosing to produce crystal
    clear and clean hard seltzers.

    Country of Origin: United States

    Probrewer Propper Seltzer Technical Sheet

    4‑Day Lutra Hard Seltzer Recipe:

    Propper Seltzer nutrient powers Lutra® Kveik through a healthy sugar-based fermentation in as few as 4 days. For a gluten free seltzer, try Dried Lutra.

    For 5 gallons (~19 liters)
    OG 1.040 (10°P)
    FG — 0.994 (-1.6°P)
    ABV — 6.01%
    Calories — 124


    4.75 lbs Dextrose
    One (1) homebrew pack of Lutra (OYL-071 Lutra® Kveik Yeast)
    Propper Seltzer™ nutrient homebrew pack (28 g)

    Bring 5 gal of water to ~180°F (82°C). Add dextrose, circulate, and bring to a boil.
    Gently boil for 10 minutes. Check gravity and adjust accordingly until you’ve reached 10°P (1.040 SG).
    Turn off heat, add Propper Seltzer nutrient to the kettle, and mix/whirlpool for 10 min.
    Chill sugar base to 85°F (29°C) and then transfer to the fermenter while aerating by shaking or oxygenating.
    Pitch Lutra Kveik at 85°F and ferment to completion by maintaining above ambient temperature.
    Cold Crash, flavor condition, and serve accordingly!
    If you are adding other sugars (honey, turbinado, table sugar, agave), be sure to account for different PPGs. When flavoring with ingredients that include fermentables, add while yeast is finishing fermentation. Keep warm and allow for fermentation.

    Note: If pack of Lutra™ Kveik is older than 3 months, prop it up for 24 hours with Propper Starter™.