Strata® US Hops - NEW!
Strata® US Hops - NEW!
Strata® US Hops - NEW!
Strata® US Hops - NEW!

Strata® US Hops - NEW!

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Strata®, was developed at Oregon State University and originally known as X331. Flavors will remind you of grapefruit & pine and help round out a clean bite of a classic West Coast style India Pale Ale.

Growers, say the aroma profile is “Citrus, Tropical/Fruit, Pungent/Dank” with Alpha Acid values comparable to Amarillo® and Centennial.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets

Pack Sizes:

  • 100g
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    NB: Due to high demand and limited global supply, purchases are limited to 1 pack per brewer.


    Strata®, formally known as X-331, is Indie Hops’ first hop variety to be released out their breeding program. Born in 2009, Strata®is the progeny of an open pollinated Perle located at an Oregon State University experimental field in Corvallis, Oregon. From the get-go, this hop was out to impress. Between its strong disease resistance, vigorous growing habit, and complex layers of aroma, X-331 rose to the top of an impressive group of competitors.

    Brewing Usage

    • Dual Purpose


    • Passion Fruit
    • Grapefruit
    • Strawberry
    • Dank
    • Herbal
    • Cannabis

    Brewing Values:

    • Alpha Acid 11 - 12.5%
    • Beta Acid 5 - 6%
    • Cohumulone 21%
    • Total Oil 2.3 - 3.5mls/100g
    • Myrcene 52 - 65%
    • Humulene 22 - 30%
    • Caryophyllene 5 - 12.5%
    • Farnesene <1%

    Typical Beer Styles:

    • American IPA
    • American Amber
    • American Brown
    • American Pale Ale
    • American Sours
    • American Stout
    • American Strong Ales
    • Imperial Stout
    • Saison
    • Specialty IPAs

    General Trade Perception:

    All experimentation points to Strata® being very versatile dual-purpose hop variety. Bittering with Strata® brings a nice balanced bitterness. Flavor and aroma additions bring out the fruity side with tropical fruit and fresh berry brightness. Brewers say that dry hopping deepens the grapefruit and dank/herbal/cannabis elements. At this point, it has been used mostly in IPAs, Pale Ales, and Session IPAs, but could work well in everything from Saisons to Lagers.


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