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Crown Industries Urns include a range of built in features that place them at the top of the list of urn manufacturers. Suitable for use as a Hot Liquor tank for homebrewers or for B.I.A.B. (Brew in a Bag) mash / kettle.

Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and exported around the world and a trusted friend of many an Aussie Homebrewer for many years. Crown Industries Heavy Duty Hot Water Urn has a large 40 Litre capacity with a concealed element and safety cut off switch set to a higher 150 degrees celsius to avoid element burn out whilst maintaining a healthy robust boil for the homebrewer.

Backed by a generous 2 year warranty and a full range of parts and easy to service yourself or by the manufacturer we can personally stand by the Crown Urn having used one since taking to all grain brewing like a hairy man back when Adam was a boy!

Constructed from high quality stainless steel and incorporating adjustable thermostat control and boil dry protection in the element, these urns are suitable for all-grain brewing applications or handy to have as a hot liquor tank for sparge or strike water or use as a kettle.

Features include:

  • Heavy Duty stainless steel body
  • Heavy duty non-drip tap
  • Heavy duty concealed heating element
  • High temperature resistant handles
  • Standard mug fits under tap
  • Water level sight tube
  • Skirt on lid knob
  • Thermostat Control
  • High temperature resistant handles
  • Boil Dry thermostat on element
  • Concealed element


  • Model - HW40TC
  • Capacity - 200 cups, 40 litres
  • Weight - 7kg
  • Watts 2400, 220 - 240v