GigaYeast Pro-Pitches

Are you a pro-brewer and want to use pro-pitches in your brews? You can now order pro-pitches directly from BeerCo. 

Gigayeast Pro Pitches
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  Yeast Lactic Acid Bacteria Wild Yeast Sour Blends
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5 $250 $188 $438 $250 $188 $438 $283 $188 $471 $345 $188 $533
10 $430 $188 $618 $430 $188 $618 $489 $188 $677 $596 $188 $784
15 $549 $239 $788 $549 $239 $788 $625 $239 $864 $764 $239 $1,003
20 $659 $239 $898 $659 $239 $898 $751 $239 $990 $917 $239 $1,156
25 $796 $246 $1,043 $796 $246 $1,043 $908 $246 $1,154 $1,110 $246 $1,356
30 $936 $255 $1,192 $936 $255 $1,192 $1,066 $255 $1,321 $1,306 $255 $1,561
35 $1,066 $265 $1,331 $1,066 $265 $1,331 $1,214 $265 $1,479 $1,488 $265 $1,753
40 $1,182 $274 $1,456 $1,182 $274 $1,456 $1,347 $274 $1,621 $1,650 $274 $1,924
45 $1,298 $291 $1,589 $1,298 $291 $1,589 $1,481 $291 $1,772 $1,812 $291 $2,103
50 $1,436 $337 $1,773 $1,436 $337 $1,773 $1,638 $337 $1,975 $2,005 $337 $2,343
55 $1,565 $360 $1,925 $1,565 $360 $1,925 $1,782 $360 $2,143 $2,184 $360 $2,545
60 $1,696 $391 $2,087 $1,696 $391 $2,087 $1,932 $391 $2,323 $2,369 $391 $2,760
70 $1,946 $503 $2,450 $1,946 $503 $2,450 $2,217 $503 $2,721 $2,719 $503 $3,222
80 $2,210 $584 $2,794 $2,210 $584 $2,794 $2,514 $584 $3,098 $3,083 $584 $3,667
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BeerCo can provide craft brewers with 1BBL (119L) to 100 BBL (11,924L) Pitchable* Yeast, Lactic Acid Bacteria, Wild Yeast & Sour Blends҂.

Custom Pitch sizes, High Gravity and Lager pitches - pricing available on request. * Where one BBL is sufficient to pitch 31 gal (app 118 L) of a 16 P˚ ale.

҂ Sour blends include a full pitch of Yeast/Wild Yeast and a full pitch of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Note 1: Most GigaYeast strains and blends will be about 2BBL / litre.  GB110 is much more dense. It will be 10 BBL / litre.
Note 2:  The strains can be more compact, thus lighter for shipping but it varies per strain and batch. 
Note 3: 1 BBL (US, Beer) = 1.17 hL.  Pitch Sizes are in 1BBLs to 10BBL then 5BBLs to 30BBL then 10BBL to 60BBL then 20BBL increments to 100BBL
Note 4: GigaYeast is drop shipped DHL Global Express Freight in 5 days from San Jose, CA to your brewery e.g. PickUp Mon ETA Fri
Note 5: AUD:USD is the rate of the day and subject to change and your invoice is calculated at the rate on acceptance of quote/purchase order.  No mark ups or margins are applied to OFX.
Pro Pitch Price Type SKU Name Brief Description
Lactic Acid Bacteria GB110 GigaYeast Lacto (GB110)  A robust, fast souring lactic acid bacteria.  Produces a clean tart flavor.
Sour Blendsf GB122  Berliner Blend (GB122)  A blend of neutral ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Use directly in a primary to make a crisp, sour beer!
Sour Blendsf GB121  Farmhouse Sour (GB121)  A blend of Belgian ale yeast, Brett and lactic acid bacteria–  sweet, sour and a little funky
Sour Blendsf GB150 New* Sour Cherry Funk (GB150)   New* This blend creates an amazing complex, sour beer with fruity cherry esters.
Sour Blendsf GB124 Saison Sour (GB124)  A blend of saison ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria that produces a sour beer with fruity esters and a touch of black pepper
Sour Blendsf GB123 Sour Plum Belgian (GB123)  Belgian ale yeast and lactic acid bacteria.  Cleaner than GB121.  Creates a beer with stone fruit/plum esters and sour notes
Wild Yeast GB001 Brussels Bruxellensis (GB001) Produces classic Brett “Barnyard” characteristics plus some subtle fruity aroma and moderate acidity. Adds a tart complexity to any beer.
Wild Yeast GB156 New* Brux Blend (GB156)  New* A blend of Brettanomyces yeast that produces stone fruit esters and a hint of barnyard. Creates a moderate amount of acid that adds a tart complexity to the brew.
Wild Yeast GB144 Sweet Flemish Brett (GB144)  A pure Brettanomyces strain that produces a sweet, fruity nose with just a touch of barnyard and phenolics.  Use in a primary to make an all Brett beer or in the secondary to add character during aging.
Wild Yeast GB002 Tart Cherry Brett (GB002)  Produces some Brett Barnyard funk plus stone fruit and cherry-like esters. This Strain also produces a moderate amount of acid that adds a tart complexity to the brew.
Yeast GY003 Achouffe Belgian Ale GY003 Abbey style yeast from the Belgian Ardennes. Spicy clove like notes and a hint of fruity esters. Medium flocculation means a clearer beer than most Belgian yeast.
Yeast GY016 Altstadt Ale GY016 An ale yeast that ferments at cold temperatures and produces a lager like ale style. Used in traditional Alt and Kölsch styles. Leaves a nice, residual maltiness.
Yeast GY030 American Lager GY030 Think you don’t like American Lager? Think again. This lager yeast is a powerful attenuator that leaves a dry beer with a slightly fruity finish. Awesome.
Yeast GY017 Bavarian Hefe GY017 A Hefeweizen yeast from one of Bavaria’s oldest breweries. Produces the traditional clove and banana flavours associated with the style— especially when fermented warm.
Yeast GY007 Belgian Mix GY007 A blend of Trappist Ale yeast combine to create robust attenuation and a complex flavor profile.
Yeast GY028 Belgian Wit GY028 Classic Belgian Wit yeast. Produces the tart and spicy flavours of a traditional Wit. This yeast is a strong attenuator that leaves a dry, slightly cloudy beer.
Yeast GY011 British Ale #1 GY011 Versatile house strain from a traditional UK Brewery. Strong attenuation, low esters and excellent flocculation for clear beer.
Yeast GY031 British Ale #2 GY031 From one of the oldest and best-known English cask ales. Strong Attenuation and excellent flocculation with slightly more fruity ester production than GY011.
Yeast GY041 British Ale #3 GY041 From a British craft brewery known for its award winning hoppy English ales. Good flocculation, slight esters, excellent for accentuating hop flavor and aroma.
Yeast GY002 Czech Pilsner GY002  Bottom fermenting yeast from a world famous pilsner. Finishes dry and leaves a hint of malt flavor
Yeast GY045 German Lager GY045 Bottom fermenting German yeast used in commercial breweries around the world. Produces a dry, clean beer with a malty finish.
Yeast GY005 Golden Gate Lager GY005  Versatile Lager yeast used to create the California Common style. Ferments warm and still retains a lager character.
Yeast GY048 Golden pear Belgian GY048 From the originator of the Belgian Golden Strong Ale style.  Estery profile reminiscent of apple and pear with a subdued level of spicy phenolics.   Excellent choice for high gravity Belgian and farmhouse style ales.
Yeast GY080 Irish Stout  GY080 *New Strain*  From one of the most famous stouts in the world. Creates a crisp, dry beer with a subtle fruity profile and a slightly tangy finish. *New Strain*
Yeast GY021 Kölsch Bier GY021 From one of the oldest Kölsch breweries in Köln. Ferments cold similar to GY019 to produce crisp tasting lager-like ales.
Yeast GY001 NorCal Ale #1 GY001 Clean fermenting, versatile strain from one of the most famous California pale ales. Excellent for emphasizing hop flavor and aroma. Strong attenuation and good flocculation.
Yeast GY029 NorCal Ale #5 GY029 Slightly more flocculant and less attenuative than GY001. Leaves a clear beer with slight residual sweetness.
Yeast GY020 Portland Hefe GY020 From the famous American Hefeweizen. Creates a delicious cloudy wheat beer with negligible amounts of Banana and clove flavor
Yeast GY077 Quebec Abbey Ale Yeast GY077  From one of the first breweries in North America to create a successful line of traditional Abbey style ales. This Belgian ale yeast creates a malt forward beer with subtle fruity esters and a very small amount of clove notes
Yeast GY018 Saison #1 GY018 Traditional Saison yeast from a French craft brewery. Strong attenuator that produces a dry beer with a beautiful fragrance and the traditional Saison taste of fruit and pepper.
Yeast GY027 Saison #2 GY027 From a traditional farmhouse saison. Produces a nice fruity nose and finishes slightly sweeter than GY018.
Yeast GY047 Saison Blend GY047 This Blend is a super robust attenuator that produces a complex flavor profile of fruit and spice.
Yeast GY044 Scotch Ale #1 GY044 Neutral flavours that emphasize maltiness. Perfect in Stouts, Porters, Scottish Ales and Wee Heavys.
Yeast GY014 Scourmont Abbey Ale GY014 Classic Belgian Ale yeast from the best known Trappist brewery. Strong attenuation with a fruity nose. The warmer it gets the fruitier it grows.
Yeast GY015 Trappist Tripel GY015 Trappist Ale yeast from the mother of all Tripels. Warm notes with just a hint of spice. Excellent for emphasizing the malty sweet quality prized in certain Belgians.
Yeast GY054 Vermont IPA Yeast GY054 From one of the best examples of an east coast IPA.  This yeast attenuates slightly less than NorCal Ale #1 and leaves a beer with more body and a slight fruity ester that is amazing with aromatic hops.
f Sour blends include a full pitch of Yeast/Wild Yeast and a full pitch of Lactic Acid
* Where one BBL is sufficient to pitch 31 gal (app 118 L) of a 16 P ̊ ale.