Our mission at BeerCo is plain and simple…to alleviate the world of beer poverty…one good brew at a time!

Don’t laugh!  This is serious stuff.  Beer poverty is real.  1 in 3 beers are brewed by one very large multinational company and predominantly sold through very large multinational retailers.  Before you spit your beer out in disgust, check where it is brewed and by whom and then throw your half empty beer can at the TV ad telling you what to drink in rage at how government and drinkers let this happen read on…

… at the same time one very big company is consolidating brands and brewers in their wake and confusing and bemusing the discerning beer drinker with clever marketing called “craft-washing” and a host of other activities that whilst they may be legal are in many drinkers minds downright immoral an army of small independent craft brewers are popping up everywhere brewing great beers for drinkers like you and me in their local communities.  Behind these hundreds and thousands of craft brewing artisans globally is an even bigger and growing army of brewers who are also making their own amazing fresh beer from quality ingredients on new age equipment in their homes.

These craft pro-brewers and home-brewers need our help as they search and seek out new and different brewing ingredients and materials from other great artisans and growers and makers to brew the best tasting beer they possibly can and to well, keep beer interesting for you and me and keep the mega brewers honest!

What are we trying to do @BeerCoAu?

We have set ourselves a little mission….it is a life’s work for us and we do not expect to get there in a hurry but we are willing to brew and drink a lot of good beer in our search for your satisfaction.  We will chew on malt, rub and sniff hops, wrangle yeast and brew with a lot of different things and brew a lot of different beer and brewing styles.  We will do what we have to do to find secure and procure and evaluate the next great brewing materials for all you brewers out there!

Think of our BeerCo brand stamp on any product we sell as an endorsement of quality, independence and assurance that you are brewing with the finest ingredients, materials and equipment possible and there is absolutely no reason why you too cannot brew the most amazing beer on our planet earth!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start brewing…we have a moral obligation to stop an extremely large faceless multinational corporation from telling you and me what to drink or a publican what to serve on tap, taking your hard earned off you only to avoid the taxman and give it to a faceless shareholder.  You can either buy an independent craft beer or brew your own great beer at home.  We are here to help you on that journey whichever road you choose to take as a discerning drinker and/or brewer.

If you like our vision of a better beer tomorrow please join our little Beervolution. We would like to think we are Beervolutionaries but in reality we might be puffing our chests out a little too far, past our middle age beer bellies, after all there are real Beervolutionaries out there brewing real craft beers.

Our job is like the humble good beer porter helping you to brew your own great beer from the finest premium quality independent brewing materials sourced from the four corners of this small globe we call mother earth.  We will scout out, seek out, search for, procure and test premium quality independent brewing materials to help you brew better.

How are we doing it?

So far so good, we have searched for and found premium quality independent family owned craft malt from Gladfield Malt in New Zealand bringing their wonderful malt first to Australian craft brewers in 2013 and then opening up access to homebrewers across Australia in 2014 through a host of great retail partners or direct to your brew-house door from our humble online shop!  But you need more than Malt to brew an amazing beer so we searched for and found you hops and plenty of quality craft hops – again we were the first supply partner to bring you Crosby Hops from Woodburn, Oregon, USA and we supply premium quality New Zealand Hops to UK Hops and EU Hops and the finest locally grown Australian Hops.  Oh let us not forget Yeast – we were the first to bring GigaYeast to you from San Jose, CA and we stock a wide range of quality dried brewing yeast as well.

We pride ourselves on acting with integrity and fairness to all players in the supply chain from growers and processors and manufacturers and makers to brewers.  We have a core set of values upon which we have built our business and will continue to drive our behaviour as we grow product by product, brewer by brewer.  These values are:

  • Authentic – trustworthy, we say what we will do and we do it, we under promise and over deliver – not the other way around!
  • Service – to you our most valued customers, to our supply & retail partners & the broader brewing community
  • Speed – end to end delivery and response times
  • Sustainable – we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the planet and bring your brewing supplies to you as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Transparency – we are not going to hide from you where your goods come from and who made them. Want to meet the grower – no problem, want to visit their farm or lab or factory no problem. Can we come too?

However, we are small and the world is big!  We can only achieve so much by ourselves.  We need to do more to search for select, secure and procure even more amazing brewing ingredients and materials for you to brew like a pro!  The world of beer is big and the globe is full of wonderful artisan producers making wonderful ingredients or fantastic equipment to help you brew better.

We need your help to help us complete our life’s work and achieve our mission!  We are working overtime seeking, searching, testing and procuring great ingredients, materials and accessories to help you brew better.  We still need your help!  Become a member of the establishment or join our BeerCo Army – tell us what is out there and what we should be looking for to brew even better beer!

Join the brewing revolution, tell us what other amazing brewing materials are out there and we will do our best to search, secure and procure a sustainable supply and deliver it to your brewery door!

Whatever it takes to achieve our mission…to alleviate the world of beer poverty…one good brew at a time.

Come and brew and drink with us!

Cheers #brewhappy #drinkhappier

Dermott Dowling

Managing Director

BeerCo Pty Ltd | ABN: 49 166 429 956

Unit 1 / 1 – 3 Disney Avenue | Keilor East | VIC 3033 | Australia