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GigaYeast Bavarian Hefe GY017 is traditional Hefeweizen Yeast from one of Bavaria’s oldest breweries. GY017 Bavarian Hefe GigaYeast is a robust attenuator that works over a broad range of temperatures and produces the classic banana and clove notes of the German wheat beer style. Moderate sulphide producer (will dissipate with conditioning).

Attenuation Medium Gravity*

  • 77% – 81%

Attenuation High Gravity*

  • 66% – 69% (8.9% – 9.6% ABV)

Temperature Range†:

  • 18˚C – 27˚C (64˚F – 80˚F)


  • very low

Representative Styles:

  • Dunkelweizen
  • Gose
  • Hefeweizen
  • Weizenbock

* Medium Gravity is 14˚ – 16˚Plato. High Gravity is 23˚- 25˚Plato. The working temperature range represents the range at which fermentation for a given strain produces a typical attenuation- not necessarily the ideal temperature for your particular beer style. As a rule of thumb, start ale yeast fermentation at 68˚ – 70˚F and then lower or raise temp as desired. Lager Yeast are typically fermented at 45˚ – 58˚F. If desired, Lager Yeast can be given a “hot start” at 65-68˚F and then lowered to the primary temperature after active fermentation begins (10-20 hrs). GigaYeast laboratory is still gathering data on many of our strains. Information provided here may change some in the future.

Hefeweizen Style Guide:

Hefeweizen is a traditional Bavarian wheat beer brewed with at least 50% wheat malt and yeast that produce a signature clove and banana character. The hopping rate is very low, which allows an underlying, grainy, bready flavor from the wheat and Pilsner malt to shine through. It is a light, approachable beer with a hazy appearance and has a soft texture. It has a high level of protein and suspended yeast that makes hefeweizen a cloudy, or at least a hazy, beer. While most brewers are familiar with a cloudy German hefeweizen, there is also a filtered, brilliantly clear version called kristallweizen. Hefeweizen ranges in color from pale straw to dark gold and has a large, dense, creamy white head. The aroma of a good hefeweizen includes moderate spicy clove notes and fruity banana esters. (Jamil Zainasheff, BYO Magazine, Issue: Jan/Feb 2011).