Black Rock Golden Ale Kit

Black Rock Golden Ale Beer Kit

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Black Rock Golden Ale Beer Kit combines a generous use of specialty ale malt with Nelson Hops, has created this refreshingly deep Golden Ale. Dry, crisp and low on the bitter scale make for an easy to drink, excellent accompaniment to Summer.

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  • Malt – Ale, Lager, Caramalt
  • Hops – Green Bullet, Pacific Gem
  • New Zealand Artesian Water
  • Premium Dry Brewing Yeast Sachet (under the lid)


Typical Analysis (This can only): Colour 12 EBC, Bitterness 27 EBU Typical Analysis (Brewed with Ultra-Light): Colour 17 EBC, Bitterness 27 EBU


  1. Thoroughly clean and sterilise all equipment.
  2. Remove the plastic cap and the yeast enclosed under the cap and put to one side.
  3. Stand both cans in hot water for 10 minutes to soften contents.
  4. Dissolve contents of this can and 1.7kg of Black Rock Ultra-Light in two litres of hot water in your fermenter.
  5. Then add 17 litres of cold water and mix thoroughly.
  6. Add approximately 2.5 litres of either cold or hot water so as to give a final temperature of between 18 and 26 deg C. Around 20 deg C is ideal. Final volume 23 litres.
  7. Sprinkle yeast over liquid surface and place the lid on the fermenter with the airlock in place (half fill the airlock with cooled boiled water).
  8. Keep the brew at a consistent temperature between 18-26 deg C, ideally around 20 deg C, until specific gravity reaches approximately 1014.
  9. Fermentation will be complete in approximately 10 days. When the hydrometer reading remains constant for 24 hours the brew is ready for bottling.
  10. Bottling – Sterilise bottles and place one rounded teaspoon of sucrose (normal table sugar) per 750ml bottle and fill to within 50mm of the top. Do not bottle unless hydrometer readings remain constant.
  11. Seal and store the bottles in an upright position for a minimum of 4 weeks while secondary fermentation occurs. The beer may be consumed after 4 weeks but will continue to improve with age for up to 6 months.