Blichmann Engineering BeerGun® Bottle Filler with Accessory Kit


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The Blichmann Engineering BeerGun® Bottle Filler with Accessory Kit is powered by Quiescent Flow Technology™.  This revolutionary bottle filler eliminates the complicated and time-consuming operation of traditional counter-pressure fillers while maintaining their primary functions—purging with CO2, preventing oxygen pickup, and filling with minimal foaming and carbonation loss. Pair that with its auto-fill level and ability to fill bottles of any depth without modification, and the BeerGun® becomes a clear standout.

Key features include:

  • One-handed, intuitive operation
  • Simpler operation than counter-pressure fillers
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Everything that touches your beer is stainless steel
  • Low-foaming outputs
  • Great for kegs or bottling buckets
  • Works for wine-makers

The Blichmann Engineering BeerGun® Bottle Filler with Accessory Kit takes aim at the common problems of counter-pressure fillers and offers one-of-a-kind solutions powered by our patented Quiescent Flow Technology™.

Turbulence and sudden changes in pressure can create unwanted foaming. The unique design of Blichmann's BeerGun® gradually reduces beer from keg pressure to atmospheric pressure with little turbulence and provides a consistent bottle fill level every time. While competitors place their valves at the top of the filler and force beer down an empty tube each time, we've placed our non-throttling, quick-acting valve at the bottom of the BeerGun® so it is quickly immersed in the beer, keeps the stem full, and reduces pressure changes and turbulence.

These features plus the CO2 jacketing tube for bottle purging and ergonomic valve actuators make filling bottles faster, easier, and more precise.

BEERGUN® Owners Manual

Customer Testimonial:

"As a homebrewer, I hand-filled over 10,000 bottles using every type of carbonated beer bottle filler on the market. I was able to make all of the fillers do the job, but the Blichmann BeerGun was always the easiest to set up and to use. Stripping it down for thorough cleaning was also easier than any other device available. Today, as the owner and brewmaster of Heretic Brewing Company, when we need to hand bottle a beer for competition, we use the Blichmann BeerGun. The BeerGun is our filler of choice, because we're able to get dissolved oxygen levels that compare with the best of the commercial filling lines. I recommend the Blichmann BeerGun for anyone from homebrewer to commercial brewery that needs to hand fill bottles at a commercial quality level."

- Jamil Zainasheff, award winning homebrewer, author, beer judge, and owner of Heretic Brewing Company