Blue Lake Milling Flaked Wheat
Blue Lake Milling Flaked Wheat

Blue Lake Milling Flaked Wheat

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Blue Lake Milling Unmalted Flaked Wheat has been steamed and rolled to gelatinize its starches, making them accessible for conversion to sugars. However, because the Wheat is unmalted, it does not possess the enzymes required for conversion to sugars, so it must be mashed with base malts for conversion to occur.

Flaked or Rolled Wheat is a common ingredient in wheat beers such as Bavarian Weisse, and is essential to Belgian Lambics and Witbiers. It adds the essential starch haze and high levels of protein required in these beers.

Flaked wheat adds more sharp wheat flavour than malted wheat. Blue Lake Milling Flaked Wheat must be mashed in conjunction with a base malt.

Typical Use:

For making Witbiers and other specialties. Helps with head retention in all beers. Will leave a slight haze. Can also be used in place of unmalted wheat in many recipes. Unmalted wheat is a common ingredient in wheat beers, including: American Wheat, Bavarian Weisse, Belgian Lambic and Wit and can be used to give body and flavour to IPAs and haze and mouthfeel to New England IPAs. Flaked wheat can be a useful substitute for raw grain. While it retains much of the special character of the raw product, flaked wheat is much easier to handle, primarily because it requires no milling. Like flaked barley, maize, and oats, it can be added directly to the barley malt in any mash. Like raw wheat, Flaked Wheat is especially suitable for drier, crisper beers than for Bavarian-style weissbier.

Typical Usage Rate:

  • Up to 40% of the grist

Complementary Malts:

Pack Options:

  • 1 Kg Bag
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Shelf Life:

  • At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions.

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