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Hop Lover's Guide

How to grow, buy, store and use hops. Brew Your Own Magazine Hop Lover's Guide contains... Projects and techniques to give your beer a big hop blast! Plus: 36 hoppy recipes and charts to plan your brews


  • Hop Basics
  • Buying and Storing Hops
  • Hopping Methods
  • Hopping Help for Extract Brewers
  • Build Your Own Hop Projects
  • Growing Hops
  • Calculating IBUs
  • Hoppy Recipes
  • Hop Charts
Over 70+ pages on hops from buying and storing to growing your own at home with projects like building an Oast to dry your own hops at home not to mention all the great hoppy beer clone recipes...what are you waiting for? #brewhoppy #brewhappy #brewyourown #growyourown