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Brew Your Own - BYO Magazine

The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine

September 2017, Vol. 23, No. 5

Explore the alternative grains that have been cultivated for centuries that you can use for brewing.
The Wizard explains how to re-use yeast, avoid oxidation during cold crashing, & more.
What impact does brewing have on mineral content?
Beer is being fermented with yeast from the belly of bees. But that’s not the most unique part about this yeast.
Honey can be used in brewing to boost potency, lighten body, manipulate perceived sweetness, and lots more! Learn how to use honey in your homebrew, and try brewing three award-winning commercial clones.
Whether you have been extract brewing for six months or six years, the leap to all-grain can seem more complicated than it really is. We walk you through the process to get you all-grain brewing in no time.
If you’re ready to scale your operation up from 5-gallon (19-L) batches to 10 gallons (38 L) or more, you’ll also want to upgrade your brewing equipment.
For your next big brew, consider sequential mashing — mashing grains with wort — to bump up the gravity.
If you like wheat, and also rye, you don’t have to choose one or the other for your next homebrew. Try brewing with triticale — the best of both malts.
Learn about choosing (and using) a good DO meter.
While the style certainly isn’t new, the Beer Judge Certification Program did recently revise its description of British bitter. Learn why, plus get tips and a recipe to brew your own proper pint.
Fruit and hops are two ingredients that contribute very distinctive and dominant flavors and aromas so pairing them can be difficult. It takes careful considerations and planning. Here’s what the pros have to say.
Learn the best practices when it comes to bottling — from cleaning and sanitation, to the various sugar and yeast options when it is time to bottle condition.
Need additional seating and a place to serve your kegged homebrew for an upcoming event? This draft dispensing table that uses the keg as a base is just the thing.