Clear Beer Draught System


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You have to ask yourself "Why am I drinking beer from the bottom of my Keg?" The clear beer draught system is a patented floating intake that replaces your kegs long dip tube. It’s designed to draw beer from the top surface of the beer in the keg. That is where the clearest, cleanest, best tasting beer is. Clear Beer System How it Works Clear, great tasting beer can be available to you in days, not weeks or months, which is how long the current design takes. Rack your beer straight to the keg from the fermenter. No need to use a secondary fermenter and further the risk of contamination or oxidation. This saves time and work. You can transport your keg to a party or to a different place in your home brewery without the worry of stirring up and drinking the sediment from the bottom of the keg. How it works #2 Clear Beer System No alteration of the keg or your tap system is required to incorporate the clear beer draught system into your home brewery. The entire system is easily removed from the keg for cleaning and sanitizing. Toss hop pellets directly into the keg for great hop aroma and flavour. No more worrying about a clogged dip tube. The keg is easier to clean without the dip tube in the way. Your beer lines and faucet will stay cleaner when you are drawing clear, clean beer. The clear beer draught system will not detract from the volume of beer your keg will hold. The clear beer draught system can be used in any size keg. Filling the Keg Still not convinced? Don't take our word for the quality of the Clear Beer Draught System - listen to the experts review the fantastic features with the founder on The Brewing Network - Brew Strong Got some more questions - need some more tips on how to use? Read the Questions & Tips CBDS Got one and need some help and guidance with installation read the Instructions for Use We suggest you consider adding the following upgrades to your Clear Beer Draught System for no additional costs to your shipping: