Columbus Hop Hash Lot H-496
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Crosby Hop Hash
COLUMBUS US Crosby Hop Hash
COLUMBUS US Crosby Hop Hash
COLUMBUS US Crosby Hop Hash
COLUMBUS US Crosby Hop Hash

COLUMBUS US Crosby Hop Hash

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COLUMBUS US Hop Hash is here from Lot # H-496. Originally selected by Charles Zimmerman for Hopunion, Inc., Columbus is a descendant of Nugget. It is a high alpha variety and is primarily used for bittering purposes. Columbus is often referred to as CTZ, a trio of similar hops including Tomahawk® and Zeus.

Specific aroma descriptors include black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus.

COLUMBUS US Hop Hash™ is sticky resinous and concentrated hop matter that will test the lupulin threshold of even the most experienced hop fiends. Hop Hash ™ is made from scrapping the concentrated build up of hop residue off the pellet mill @CrosbyHopFarm and was first discovered and made famous by Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia in their Hop Hash Double IPA

For some more info on what exactly is Hop Hash ™ you can watch this video on Hash Session IPA from Sweetwater Brewing Company

This Lot #H-496 has been scrapped from the pelletiser @CrosbyHopFarm. Crosby Hop Hash is very high in oil content and alpha and beta acids making it perfect for brewing a more hop forward and intense beer to show of the signature style and characteristics of COLUMBUS Hop Hash™ The low pelletizing temperatures work to preserve hop oils, aromatics, and alpha.


  • Hop Hash™ Pellet Mill Scraping
Hop Hash™ is produced from scrapping the pellet mill for left behind concentrated hoppy goodness - see diagram below for illustration of how it is made

Brewing Usage

  • Dual Purpose
  • Late additions - whirlpool, kettle, dry hopping


  • Black pepper
  • Licorice
  • Curry
  • Subtle Citrus


  • Citrus - High
  • Tropical Fruit

Complimentary Hops

Beer Styles

  • IPA
  • DIPA
  • iIPA

Certificate of Analysis

  • Columbus
  • Form: HopHash
  • Crop 2016
  • Lot: 16-496
  • Alpha Acids 22.1%
  • Beta Acids 6.9%
  • HSI 0.328
  • Total Oil: 4.5 mL / 100 gm
  • Test Date: 28 Oct 2016
  • Pelleted at Crosby Hop Farm, Woodburn, OR


General Trade Perception

Columbus is a great all-rounder excellent for bittering, late additions to whirlpool or kettle and dry-hopping. Think of Columbus like the base beat of any great band or brew!

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