FermZilla - 27 Litre - Conical UniTank Fermenter - Starter Kit


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We are pleased to bring you the new and improved FermZilla 27 Litre designed by brewers for brewers in Melbourne, Australia.  Learning from earlier PET pressurised fermenters have resulted in a much improved and highly cost effective conical fermenter!

We have road tested the FermZilla 27L at BeerCo.com.au with several fermentations and clean - rinse - sanitise programmes and seen outstanding results.

The NEW! FermZilla has primarily been designed as a pressure fermentation, carbonation and dispensing vessel.  This revolution in home brewing allows home brewers and small nano and micro brewers a level of control that meets even the most cost sensitive budget.

The FermZilla brings the brewer many of the benefits of a much more expensive stainless conical fermenter but with the additional benefit of being able to see the fermentation process in action and also ferment at pressures up to 2.4bar.

Add the optional Pressure Kit to your FermZilla 27L and turn your FermZilla into a true pressurised conical unitank.

Un tanks are conical fermenters used both for fermentation and for carbonating and serving finished beer as seen in your local craft brewery.

Affordable upgrades will truly show you what the FermZilla was designed for

  • KB01297 - FermZilla - Stainless Steel Pressure Kit, or
  • NEW! KB02113 - Red Plastic FermZilla Pressure Kit

These upgrades are both compatible with the Conical and All-Rounder Models in all sizes.  These units were designed for use with CO2.

New and Improved!

  1. Larger Dump Valve - no more blockages when dumping yeast or hops!
  2. Larger 5" / 12.7cm Wide Mouth Opening - Very easy to get your hand inside and clean!
  3. Pressure rating 2.4 bar (35 psi)

Contents Inside the Box:

  • 1 x FermZilla 27 Litre UniTank with Butterfly Dump Valve Parts (Pre-Assembled & Attached)
  • 1 x Reinforced Stainless Steel Stand with Handles
  • 1 x Top Lid with Red PRV (35 psi) [2 x Male Cap Threads] [Up to 4 drill ports for accessories]
  • 1 x Top Lid Screw Cap
  • 1 x 1000mL (1 Litre) Collection Container & Lid* [2 x Male Cap Threads]
  • 1 x Adjustable Easy Opening Tool
  • 1 x Premium 3 Piece Airlock
  • 1 x Approximate Graduations Sticker
  • 1 x Strip Stick On Thermometer
  • 3 x Black Bottle Caps (Attached)
  • 1 x Grommet Bottle Cap (Airlock Port)
  • 1 x Spare Seals Set

Collection container lid is not pressure rated*

NB: Please Note:

When using this vessel under pressure. You must perform a water pressure check to ensure your connections are leak proof. To do this. Fill your FermZilla up with water, then apply a minimum of 15 psi pressure to the vessel. Check for leaks around all Cap / Threads.

Occasionally these units may come with some small indentations/dimples/dents from shipping, this is just a reality of shipping large blow-moulded thin-walled vessels. DO NOT PANIC! These fermenters are designed to endure minor deformations such as this. This was a necessary implementation into the design so that they can withstand some accidental suction from cold crashing and rough handling in transit without compromising their integrity and ability to endure high pressures. All small dents will push out and settle with use and positive pressure and are only an issue and warrant replacement in the rare event they start to show white stress patterns or have damaged the plastic.


To download the instruction sheet for this product click on the link below:

FermZilla 27L - PDF Instruction Manual


To download the sizes for the FermZilla in both the 27L click the link below.

Please measure up before purchasing.

  • 805 mm High from Floor to Top of Airlock (81cm)
  • 398 mm Wide from edge to edge of bottom Stand (40 cm)
  • 352 mm Circumference of the Plastic Conical at widest point (35 cm) Note: the stand makes it wider at the widest point 40cm.
  • 718 mm from bottom of the stand to top of the black caps on top lid (72cm) Note: the airlock will add additional height - 81cm from floor to top of airlock when planning your fermentation chamber.


Please read instructions thoroughly before use. The current version can be found in the 'instructions' tab above. We will not be held liable for misuse or mishandling of the unit contrary to the instructions.

Please feel free to enjoy watching an introduction video from the amazing creators of the FermZilla - a truly amazing innovation in brewing!  And it was designed right here in Melbourne, Australia!