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Ginger is the gnarled bumpy root of the ginger plant Zingiber officiale, which belongs to the same family as turmeric and cardamom.  Ginger has a distinct flavour sweet and slightly peppery with a spicy aroma.  A great addition to add a little extra flavour to your spiced rum.

Uniqueness of ginger comes from its special compound: gingerol

The root (or more appropriately, rhizome) of the ginger plant has a long history as both a culinary spice and as a medicinal ingredient.  Freshly picked, ginger is hot, pungent with an almost spicy intensely aromatic taste reminiscent of both cardamom and chili pepper.  Dried it becomes more aromatic and slightly less piquant. In gins, it lends it’s specific bright, cooling, and slightly peppery flavor. That spicy-sweet aroma translates well through distilling and often has a quality reminiscent of Asian cuisine.


  • Root Cut

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Botanical Name:  Zingiber Officinale

Country of Origin:  China