Gladfield Naked Oats


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Gladfield Naked Oats are made from New Zealand dehulled oats, roasted on Gladfield Malt Roaster “Gabriella”.

Gladfield Naked Oats brings mouthfeel and creaminess to malt forward and hoppy beers, essentially any type of beer can benefit from some amount of Naked Oats.

Packaging Options:

  • 1 Kg Bag
  • 5 Kg Bag (SAVE 20% OFF 1 Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg Sack (SAVE 30% OFF 1 Kg Price)

Certificate of Analysis

    Typical Beer Styles:

    • Hazy IPA
    • Hazy Pale Ales
    • Oat Cream IPA
    • Porters
    • Stouts

    Typical Usage Rates:

    • Up to 10%
    EBC Test Method Typical Analysis
    Moisture (max) % < 5% 4.60
    Colour (EBC) 2.80