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Gladfield Toffee Malt

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Gladfield Toffee Malt is made by taking a lower to mid-range Nitrogen winter or autumn barley variety and roasting the resulting malt at very low temperatures to caramelise the malt. The low temperature and slower roasting produce a malt with a very light colour, a chewy "toffee" like consistency, with honey or toffee flavours. Gladfield Toffee Malt is very popular with brewers. Not only does Gladfield Toffee Malt add a wonderful malty, honey toffee flavour to lighter coloured beers but it also enhances beer stability, body and mouthfeel. Due to the higher moisture content of Gladfield Toffee malt, we advise that when milling, the Toffee malt is blended through with your base malts to ensure a good even crush and full release of the rich Toffee malt flavour into your grist.


  • Moisture (%) Max <7.5
  • Extract (dry) Range 74%
  • Wort Colour Range EBC 10 – 20
  • Typical Colour 12


Adds Toffee / Honey flavours with low colour impact

Usage Rates Guidance:

Up to 25%

Complimentary Malts:

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  • 1 Kg 
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Shelf Life:

At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions

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