Harraways Flaked Barley
Harraways Flaked Barley
Harraways Flaked Barley
Harraways Flaked Barley

Harraways Flaked Barley

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Harraways Flaked Barley is produced much like their famed Rolled Oats. Flaked Barley is unmalted barley that has been steamed and dried then rolled into flat flakes. Harraways Flaked barley can also be added directly to the mash with base and speciality malts. Flaked Barley is unmalted, cooked, and dried barley that has been rolled into flat flakes. Flaked or Rolled Barley is an unmalted adjunct that provides additional body, with a creamy, grainy taste. It does not have the enzymes needed for conversion so should be mashed with malted grains. As a general usage guideline use for up to 20% of your grain bill, or as your recipe recommends. Often used for English ales, darker beers and stouts. Flaked barley also performs well as an adjunct in German style pilsners, as it can produce lighter colour without lowering the gravity.

Additional Information:

Typical Use:

Flaked barley imparts a rich, grainy flavor to beer and is used in many stouts, particularly Irish stouts, enhancing head formation and foam stability. Flaked barley is used directly in the mash alongside malt.

Typical Usage Rate:

Up to 20% of the grist

Complementary Malts:

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Shelf Life:

At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions.


Resources and Reading:

For an interesting insight into Harraways & Sons, a family owned, New Zealand company with over 150 years history sit back, relax, beer in hand and watch the following YouTube clip on Harraways & Sons:

Harraways & Sons, Ltd

The company was established in 1867 by Henry Harraway and is located on its original site in Green Island Dunedin. In 1944 Harraways was purchased by Charles Hudson and is still a New Zealand family owned business.