Harraways Rolled Oats
Harraways Rolled Oats
Harraways Rolled Oats
Harraways Rolled Oats
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Harraways Rolled Oats

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Harraways Rolled Oats are a versatile brewing adjunct we offer alongside our premium craft Gladfield Malt range. Harraways Rolled Oats are Jumbo Wholegrain Oats that are steel cut and rolled into flakes which can be added directly to the mash with the base and specialty malts. Rolled Oats are ideal for adding a smooth, silky mouth feel, balanced sweetness and creamy head retention to beer styles such as Oatmeal Stouts, Porters and Witbiers. Rolled oats are also effective for adding body to low alcohol beers.

Additional Information:

Typical Use:

Adds smooth, silky mouthfeel. Balanced sweetness and creamy head retention to beer styles such as Oatmeal Stouts, Porters and Witbiers. Popular in New England IPA.

Typical Usage Rate:

Up to 15% of the grist

Complementary Malts:

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  • 1 Kg Bag
  • 5 Kg Bag (SAVE 20% ON 1KG RRP)
  • 20 Kg Bag (SAVE 25% ON 1KG RRP)

Shelf Life:

At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions For an interesting insight into how Harraways Rolled Oats are family farmed and harvested in Southland, New Zealand sit back, relax, beer in hand and watch the following YouTube clip on the Harraways Oat Harvest:

Harraways & Sons, Ltd

Harraways is an iconic New Zealand Company and is still privately owned and operating from its original site in Green Island, Dunedin. In 1867, a steam powered flour mill was erected on the present site at Green Island near Dunedin and this was the beginning of the Company as it is today - Harraway & Sons Ltd. Henry Harraway and his wife Catherine with 21 children lived next to the mill and 11 of his sons made up their own cricket team.The growth of the population in Dunedin was fuelled by the gold rush of the early 1860’s and some of New Zealand’s oldest Companies were established during this period in Otago. Harraway and Sons Ltd being a prime example. In early 2002, Harraways exited both stockfood and flour processing and is now focused on producing quality flaked oats and grain cereals for the local retail and commercial markets. To meet its growing demand over recent years, Harraways has increased its production capability with the addition of new plant and an increase in staff numbers. The Company, still processes in the true Scottish tradition and style which gives Harraways oats a distinctive flavour and retaining the wholegrain “goodness of nature” in oat products. Harraway & Sons Ltd is a significant supplier of oat and grain cereals to the New Zealand retail and commercial markets and the Company specialises in both traditional and added value products with a wide range of speciality grain products including oat, rye, barley and wheat flakes. Harraways – your independent family owned and operated cereal company processing New Zealand grown oats - a true commitment to our local farmers and our growing number of valued customers.

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