Johnson Test Papers - pH Universal Indicator Papers - pH 1-11 - Pack of 10

Johnson Test Papers - pH Universal Indicator Papers - pH 1-11 - Pack of 10

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Johnson Test Papers - Universal Indicator Paper

pH 1 - 11

10 books, 20 strips per book

Mash pH is an important concept for all grain brewing. While you can make “good” beer without worrying about pH, brewing truly great all grain beer relies on understanding the concept of mash pH and its impact on beer.

Method for general use:

Immerse a strip of paper into the test solution for 1-2 seconds and then remove. Shake off the excess liquid. Compare the colour produced with the colour chart within 3-5 seconds by holding it against the nearest matching colour.


Do not store indicator strips where they are liable to be exposed to acid or alkaline gases or vapour. Store in a cool dry place.

Made in the United Kingdom

Johnson Test Papers -  pH papers are manufactured using high quality papers which are impregnated with mixed indicator solutions, dried and then cut to size. These pH papers are supplied in books which are both convenient but also protect against external effects such as moisture, light and ambient gases, resulting in a prolonged shelf life. A simple and effortless method for ascertaining the pH value of solutions, Johnson Test Papers have been manufacturing pH paper using high quality media impregnated with mixed indicator dyes with decades of experience.

Johnson Test Papers can provide a wide range of pH papers to suit the requirement. The pH value can be ascertained in an instant with these simple to use and rapid pH papers offered by Johnson Test Papers.

pH value

The acidity or basicity of a solution is defined as the pH. A myriad of commercial organisations and functions rely on the routine determination of this extremely critical measurement. The pH measurement of a solution determines the colour change of a reagent known as an indicator dye. This colour change can be matched against a calibrated colour chart to provide the pH value.

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For more on Mash pH and Why it Matters read on:

Why Mash pH Matters

We can talk about the pH of your brewing water, the mash mixture, the pH of your wort and even the pH of the finished beer. Each of these has a slightly different impact on the beer, but the most important for the all grain brewer is the pH of the mash mixture while its in the mash tun. In particular we want to keep the measured pH of our mash in the 5.2-5.5 range with a preference towards the lower end (5.2).

A lower mash pH (near 5.2) has the following benefits:

  • Improved enzyme activity during the mash, leading to better conversion of starches to sugars
  • Lower pH in the finished wort which improves yeast health during fermentation, and also inhibits bacteria growth
  • Improved hop extraction rates in the boil
  • Better protein and polyphenol precipitation both during the cold break and post fermentation
  • Improved clarity in the finished beer with reduced chill haze
  • Improved flavor and clarity stability as the beer ages