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Malt Mechanics - 30 L / 8 Gal - Conical Fermenter - FREE SHIPPING AU WIDE
Malt Mechanics - 30 L / 8 Gal - Conical Fermenter - FREE SHIPPING AU WIDE

Malt Mechanics - 30 L / 8 Gal - Conical Fermenter - FREE SHIPPING AU WIDE

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Malt Mechanics fermenters are the only plastic home-brewing conical which come fully featured with tri-clamp fittings and stainless steel valves in 1/2" for the take-off, and 1" for the yeast-dump. The fermenters are suitable for transferring beer under pressure and come with everything you need to get your beer fermenting right out of the box. Malt Mechanics have designed their fermenters to be flexible enough that home-brewers can add to and adapt them to suit the needs of their own home brewing methods, while having out-of-the-box functionality that lets you just get on and brew. These fermenters come standard with all-stainless hardware. Valves, sanitary fittings, lid, legs, latches and fasteners are all manufactured in 304 stainless steel, and all seals are made from food-grade silicon. The body of the fermenter is manufactured right here in New Zealand in 1/4" thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is a trusted material in home-brewing which, combined with our inherent design features, provides a sanitary, low oxygen-permeable environment for your fermenting beer. HDPE is also an incredibly strong material, and we have designed the fermenter in a way that (with your own suitable fitting added through the 22mm or 7/8" lid hole ) brewers are able to use their own CO2 source to gently push beer into their kegs - once again preserving it from the spoils of oxygen.

Feature summary:

  • 1" BSP dump valve for yeast harvesting
  • 1/2" BSP takeoff valve for sampling and transfer
  • Sanitary fittings - tri-clamp industry standard with seals
  • Stainless legs
  • HDPE body from rotational molded food-grade plastic
  • Stainless lid and adjustable latches, low pressure rated for keg transfers
  • Airlock and bung OR blow-off included
Made in New Zealand by Malt Mechanics

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