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Nugget is a famous American high alpha variety developed in 1983 at Oregon State University. This hop has become increasingly popular for its spicy, herbal aromas with a pear and peach note. Lineage includes Brewer's Gold, Canterbury Golding and Early Green. Nugget has an acute bitterness from its high alpha acid content. It provides the oomph in many beer styles that require the hop jolt including imperial style ales. Its a dual use hops that has green, herbal aroma. It has a relatively low co-humulone oil content. The myrcene oil is on the high side, which helps provide some of the woody tones. Nugget is an extremely popular hops for brewing. It was bred partly for its storage capacity, and holds 70%-80% of its alpha acid content after 6 months storage at 20 degrees Celsius.


  • Type 90 Hop Hash 100gm

Hop Hash

NUGGET Hop Hash is here from Lot # 16-629 with super high alpha and resin and oil overload!

Specific aroma descriptors include mild, pleasant, herbal aromas.

NUGGET US Hop Hash™ is sticky resinous and concentrated hop matter that will test the lupulin threshold of even the most experienced hop fiends. Hop Hash ™ is made from scrapping the concentrated build up of hop residue off the pellet mill and was discovered and made famous by Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia in their Hop Hash Double IPA

For some more info on what exactly is Hop Hash ™ you can watch this video on Hash Session IPA from Sweetwater Brewing Company

[youtube] This Lot #16-629 has been scrapped from the pelletiser. Hop Hash is very high in oil content and alpha and beta acids making it perfect for brewing a more hop forward and intense beer to show of the signature style and characteristics of NUGGET Hop Hash™ The low pelletizing temperatures work to preserve hop oils, aromatics, and alpha.

Typical Beer Style Uses:

  • Ales
  • India Pale Ales, India Red Ales and Imperial IPAs
  • Stout
  • Barley Wine

Brewing Usage

  • High Alpha Hop


Specific aroma descriptors include mild, pleasant, herbal aromas.


Very good to excellent.

Possible Substitutions

Brewing Values Certificate

Certificate of Analysis Lot# 16-629

Brewing Values Specification

  • Variety: Nugget
  • Form: Hop Hash
  • Crop: 2016
  • Alpha-Acids: 23.3%
  • Beta-acids: 7.4%
  • HSI 0.300
  • Total Oil (mL/100g) 3.8
  • Test Date: 15-Feb-2017

General Trade Perception

Gaining acceptance as a dual purpose variety with traces of mild spicy herbal tones from dry hopping and bittering.

Craft Beer Examples: