OYL-044 Kölsch II Omega Yeast


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Omega Yeast OYL-044 Kölsch II is a warmer fermenting strain than OYL-017 Kölsch I, flocculates much better and clears more quickly, so is a little easier to manage. It is a lager-like ale strain that’s lightly fruity, crisp and clean with a hint of sulphur that disappears with age to leave a clean ale. Accentuates hop flavours.

Omega Yeast's metabolically healthy cells produce vigorous fermentation and consistent results for home brewers and probrewers alike.  Each homebrew pack (150ml) is packed with  225b cells.

Strain Type

  • Ales


  • Medium-Low


  • 72-78%

Temperature Range

  • 18–21° C (65–69° F) 

Alcohol Tolerance

  • 10%

Comparable to:

  • GY021 Kölsch GigaYeast
  • WLP029 German Kölsch White Labs
  • WY2565 Kölsch WYeast