OYL-106 German Lager I Omega Yeast


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Omega Yeast OYL-106 German Lager I is a versatile, crisp, yeast strain with a malty profile and light esters. It also has a wide fermentation range, thought to be the world’s most used lager strain and can produce a convincing lager at ale temperatures. Fermenting in the low temperature range 7–12°C (45-55°F), it maintains a more crisp profile. Temperatures higher in range 18–20°C (65-68° F) bring out slightly heightened esters. Rest for diacetyl.

Omega Yeast's metabolically healthy cells produce vigorous fermentation and consistent results for home brewers and probrewers alike.  Each homebrew pack (150ml) is packed with  225b cells.

Strain Type

  • Lagers


  • Medium-Low


  • 73-77%

Temperature Range

  • 7–20°C (45–68° F) 

Alcohol Tolerance

  • 9%

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